Green's St. Louis directory :
Henderson, William, sssouth side Franklin-avenue wwest of Tenth
Hendricks, James, eseast side Fifth nnorth of Pine
Hendry Charles F & co. , saddlery, hardware and leather store,
48 Market
Hendry, Charles F, (H. & co.) boards at David Chambers’
Hendry, Peter, laborer , nenorth east corner Second and Vine
Heneburgh, George, watchmaker , wswest side Thirteenth’s of Biddle
Hener, Johaun, mason , sssouth side Marion eeast of Jackson
Hengold, Frederick, hatter , 122 nnorth First
Henkel, Henry, butcher , sssouth side Franklin-av.avenue wwest of Thirteenth
Henkel, Otto, tailor , 40 Chesnut
Henken, George, Bremer-tavern , wswest side Third nnorth of Pine
Henley, A, bricklayer , eseast side Edmund ssouth of Hickory
Henri-house , WilliamKraut, , 11 nnorth First
HenryJ, M. D., 126 Pine — dw, se cor Seventh and Walnut
Henry, Thomas, variety-store , eseast side Broadway opp.opposite Franklin-av.avenue
Hensey, P, cooper , 11 Locust
Hensey, Patrick, cooper , eseast side First ssouth of Spruce
Henson, John, coffee-house , wswest side First nnorth of Florida
Hensley, Thomas, sssouth side Clark-avenue wwest of Twelfth
Henzen, Jacob, laborer , eseast side Fifth ssouth of Green
Henzpeter, Albert, saddler , swsouth west corner Second and Elm
Hepburn, Samuel C, clerk in surveyor-general’s office
Hequembourg, C, watchmaker , 35 nnorth First — dwdwelling , 88 nnorth Eighth
Hequembourg, T, watchmaker , 35 nnorth First — dwellilng, sesouth east cor
Eighth and Saint Charles
Herald of Religious Liberty , 25 nnorth Fourth, upstairs
Hergett, Andrew, beer-house , eseast side Second, opposite Park-av.avenue
Herman, Adolph, varnisher , nwnorthwest corner Tenth and St. Charles
Herman & Hook , coffee-house , sesouth east corner Third and Morgan
Herman, Joseph, (H. & H.) sesouth east corner Third and Morgan
Herman, Frederick, wswest side Fourth ssouth of Gratiot
Herman, Anton, drayman , wswest side Seventh nnorth of Biddle
Herndon, James, painter , eseast side Second nnorth of Pine
Herr, George G, baker , 231 nnorth First
Herr, Frederick, laborer , eseast side Fifth ssouth of Convent
Herrick, S H, commission merchant , 240 nnorth First — dwelling, 170 nnorth Sixth
Herrington, E W, hatter , sssouth side Poplar eeast of Fourth
Herrington, George, 159 Green
Herror, John, sssouth side Hazel wwest of Second
Herthal, Nicholas, tobacconist , sesouth east corner First and Walnut
Hertzig, Casper, tailor , wswest side Broadway nnorth of Wash
Hervey, George, tinker , sssouth side Plum eeast of Third
Heslet, Monroe, riverman , nsnorth side Randolph near Thirteenth
Hess, Henry, bookbinder and bandbox maker , 96 nnorth First —
dwelling, wswest side Eighth nnorth of Morgan