Green's St. Louis directory :
Hutawa, Julius, litbographer , 8 ssouth Third
Hutawa, Edward, lithographer and civil engineer , 8 ssouth Third
Lithographic And Map-Publishing Office ,
No. S South Third Street,
(Between Market and Walnut streets),
St. Louis, Mo.
[missing figure]
Maps, Plans, Machinery, Professional And Visiting Cards, Labels
Circulars, Bill Heads, Bills Of Lading, Prices
Current, Manifests, &c. &c.
Draughting, and all kinds of Drawings, neatly and promptly executed to order.
Hyde, Samuel T, (Bacon & H.) 118 Washington-avenue
Hyde, William B, clerk at Bacon & Hyde’s
Hyde, Geo. A, justice and notary pubic , 41 Washington-avenue
Hyde, John, blacksmith , nsnorth side Poplar wwest of Third
Hyder, Lewis, blacksmith , eseast side Second ssouth of Convent
Hyland, Peter, shoemaker , nsnorth side Morgan eeast of Fourth
Hynman, Joseph, laborer , wswest side Tenth nnorth of Market
Hylton, Elijah, lottery-dealer , 991/2 nnorth Front
Hyer, Nathaniel, clerk in surveyor-general’s office
Iaradella, J A C, piano-forte teacher , boards at Vine-st.street -house
Icenhower, Andrew, carpenter , wswest side Seventh ssouth of Pine
Igelhoff, Casper, laborer , eseast side Third nnorth of Almond
Ighe, Jacob, carpenter , wswest side Jackson nnorth of Barry
Ingram, Samuel, nsnorth side Market wwest of Eighth
Ihmhaltz, Frederick, shoemaker , nsnorth side Marion eeast of Second
Ihmpsen, Joseph, drayman , sssouth side Lombard wwest of Second
Ihmicker, Adam, tailor , nsnorth side Barry eeast of Carondelet
Ihlendorff, Gotfried, blacksmith , wswest side Thirteenth nnorth of Gay
Ijames, Moses, riverman , nsnorth side Hazel wwest of Second
Iles, Thomas, 272 nnorth Seventh
Ilhoff, John, laborer , sssouth side Elm wwest of First
Imer, Charles, distiller , eseast side Second ssouth of Wood
Indian Agent’s-office , 11 nnorth Fourth
Indian Queen-house , (Colton & Moulton) 26 and 28 Locust
Ingalls, Edward, laborer , nsnorth side Mulberry eeast of Third
Ingles, Isaac, shoemaker , nsnorth side Cherry wwest of Second
Inlow, Jasper, shoemaker , sssouth side Cherry eeast of Broadway
Inskeep, Philip, painter , wswest side Twelfth nnorth of Gay, upstairs
Inwood, George, carpenter , boards at Joseph Bents