Green's St. Louis directory :
Iredell, G G, barber , 78 Market
IrishBenjamin, M. D., wswest side First nnorth of Mound
Irvine, William, teacher , sssouth side Green wwest of Third
Irvine, Gerard, cabinet-maker , 68 Green
Irwin, John W, bookkeeper , at N E Janney’s
Irving, J T, general agent , 117 Pine
Irwin, Benedict, wood-sawyer , eseast side Ninth ssouth of Green
Isaacs, Robert, carman , sssouth side Washington-avenue wwest of Eleventh
Ische, Henry, scales-maker , at Burchard’s
Isham, Bedford, carpenter , nsnorth side Wood eeast of Carondelet-avenue
Isham, Parker, laborer , eseast side Twelfth ssouth of Morgan
Ives, Maurice, carriage-maker , nsnorth side Morgan wwest of Sixth
Ives, E H, boatbuilder , Front nnorth of Cherry
Ives, Jackson, engineer , wswest side Collins nnorth of Cherry
Jabine, Charles, ropemaker , nsnorth side Franklin-avenue eeast of Eleventh
Jaccard, Louis, Watchmaker and jeweller , 45 nnorth Second
Jack, Moses, shoemaker , nsnorth side Barry eeast of Jackson
Jacke, Ambrose, laborer , wswest side Eleventh nnorth of Carr
Jackson, Abraham, laborer , eseast side Columbus ssouth of Barry
Jacks, Samuel, clothier , 32 and 48 Front—dwelling, eseast side Third
nnorth of Pine
Jackson, John L, printer , 22 Olive
Jackson & Maudlebaum , exchange-brokers , 127 nnorth First
Jackson & Toncray , Mound-city coffee-house , 210 Broadway
Jackson, Thomas, (J. & T.) 210 Broadway
Jackson, A C, tailor , wswest side Thirteenth nnorth of Wash
Jackson, Jonathan H, pilot , nwnorthwest corner Eleventh and Carr
Jackson, J, gas-manufacturer , dwelling sssouth side Elm wwest of Second
Jackson, Linus, pump and blockmaker , nenorth east corner of First and
Cherry; keeps constantly on hand spars, dericks, oars,
capstan bars, ten-pin balls, &c. &c.— See card at the end of
the book.
Jackson M C & co. , commission merchants , 83 Front
Jackson, M C, (J. & co.) dwelling , Lesperances’s Addition
Jacob, H S, chairmaker , sssouth side Myrtle wwest of First
Jacob, John, cabinet-maker , swsouth west corner Second and Cedar
Jacobs, Samuel, tailor , 33 Olive
Jacobs & Morris , clothiers , 17 nnorth Front
Jacobson, Carle, tailor , eseast side Jackson nnorth of Carroll
JacobsonFrederick, M.D., wswest side Fourth ssouth of Market
Jacoby C & F , Saint Louis-house , 33 Market
Jacoby, C, (C & F J.) 33 Market
Jacoby, F, (C & F J.) 33 Market
Jacoby, Ambrose D, clerk in Post-office
Jacoby, L S, German Meth. preacher , nsnorth side Carr wwest of Eleventh
Jaegar, Peter, cabinet-maker , eseast side Sixth nnorth of Locust