Green's St. Louis directory :
Barnage, John, plasterer , nenorth east corcorner Christy-avenue and Fourteenth
Barnes, Wiliam, merchant , nsnorth side Franklin-avenue eeast of Fourteenth
BarnesJohn, M.D., nwnorthwest corner Carr and Broadway
Barnes, Robert A, whwholesale grocer and comcommission merchant , 78 nnorth Front
Barnes, William A, carpenter , boards corner Spruce and Sixth
Barnard, E L, clerk , 31 nnorth Fourth
Barnard & Brother , wholesale and retail druggists , 140 nnorth First
Barnard, John H, (B. & Br.) nsnorth side Morgan wwest of Ninth
Barnard, Charles, (B. & Br.) sssouth side Morgan wwest of Tenth
Barnard, James, boards at Charles Barnard’s
Barnard, Joseph, boards at Captain Fithian’s
Barnard, George, sssouth side Morgan wwest of Tenth
Barnard, Edward, eseast side Seventh ssouth of Spruce
Barnard, Michael, segar-maker , nsnorth side Plum eeast of Second
Barney, Geo C, (C. & ) hardware merchant , 101 nnorth First, ups.upstairs
Barney, Geo C, (B. & co.) nenorth east corner Seventh and Saint Charles
Barnett, Brewster & Hartt , architects and builders , 129 Chesnut
Barnett, Thomas, coopersmith , eseast side Fifth ssouth of Carr
Barnett, Moses, mason , sssouth side Cerre wwest of Fifth
Barnett, Joseph, bricklayer , nsnorth side Morgan wwest of Eleventh
Barnhart, Francis, riverman , sw cor Eleventh and Franklin-av.avenue
Barnhart, John, riverman , nsnorth side Morgan wwest of Sixth
Barnhart, William, laborer , wswest side Eighth nnorth of Biddle
Barnhurst, John, trimming and variety store , 68 Market
Barnum & Moreland , City-hotel , nenorth east corner Third and Vine
Barnum, Theron, (B. & M.) nenorth east corner Third and Vine
Barnum, V B, wswest side First nnorth of Mound
Barrett, Roger, Laborer , sssouth side Morgan near Front
Barrett, Michaellaborer , sssouth side Market wwest of Ninth
Barrett, Richard F, wswest side Fifth opposite Court-house
BarrettIsaac, jr, cabinet-maker , boards at Mrs Smith’s
Barrett, George J, clerk , 9 nnorth First
Barrow, George, hatter , 59 Market
Barrow, T J, 12 Vine
Barry, James, boarding-house , 130 nnorth Third
Barry, James G, soap and tallow chandler , wswest side Second ssouth of Spruce
Bartlett, George W, hose-maker , 5 ssouth Third
Bartlett, Phineas, carpenter , nsnorth side Randolph eeast of Thirteenth
Barth, Philip, (Weiss & B.) 53 Market
Barth, Robert, (Angelrodt, E. & B.) 173 nnorth First
Barton, J, soda-water manftr , nenorth east corcorner Fourteenth and Clark-av.avenue
Barton, Joseph, tobacconist , wswest side Eighth nnorth of Biddle
Barton, Wade, trader , wswest side Second nnorth of Cherry
Bascom, J D, (Hopkins & B.) 68 Market
Bascom, S, nsnorth side Gay wwest of Twelfth
Bascom, Mrs> C J, eseast side Second nnorth of Pine