Green's St. Louis directory :

JohnM’Neil, ,
Hat And cap Maker ,
No. 36 Main Street,
St. Louis, Mo.

[missing figure]
M&N.H. Stout ,
Plane Manufacturers,
And Tool Store ,
Keep constantly On Hand All Kinds Of
Planes And cooper’s Tools,
Of The Best Quality, For Sale Low, Wholesale Or Retail,
At No. 96 Main street,
Saint Louis, Mo.

JohnWinwricht, ,
dustice of the Deace .
Office, No. 79 Morgan street, St. Louis.

Conveyancing, In All Its branches, Attended To With Accuracy And
Dispatch, And In The Most Valid Form Of Execution.

Fashinable Cabinet Warerooms.
Geisel & Vogel ,
No. 116 North Main Street, saint Louis, Mo.,
Have constantly on hand a large assortment of
Cabinet Furniture,
Chairs And Sofas Of The Most Fashionable Style.