Green's St. Louis directory :

DavidChambers, . Charles F.Hendry, .

Charles F. Hendry & ,
Wholesale And Retail dealers In
Platbo saddlert,
Finished Leather,
And every article appertaining to the manufacturing of Saddlery ,
No. 48 Market Street,
south west sorner of second, in the rooms formerly occupied by the Museum.
Saint Louis, Mo.,
Where may be had, on moderate terms, all kinds of finished Leather, con-
sisting of

Sole Leather, First, Second and Third Qualities.

calf skins, do. do. do.

Harness Leather,

Bridle "

Skirting "

Band "

Lining Hides,

Bag "

Chaise "

Welt "

Japanned Hides,

Buck Skins,

Lining "

Sheep "

Morocco Skins,

Binding "

Hog "

Together with a general assortment of shoemaker’s Tools, Last, Boot-Trees
and Findings

N.B. Extensive assortments of the above articles constantly kept, and
orders filled upon moderate terms.

Leather sold On Commission.

Barron & Rothwell ,
Wholesale Druggists ,
Nos. 10 and 12 Vine Street, St. Louis,
(Between Main and Water sts.),
Manufacturers And Importers Of
Drugs, Chemicals, Dye-Stuffs, Perfumery, &c,;
Oils, Paints, Varnishes,
Black And colored Printers’ Inks, Brushes, Patent Medicines,
Druggists’ Labels of all kinds,
Instruments, glass, glass-Ware, Glue, Essences,
Syrups, Cordials, Botanic Medicines, Fancy Articles, Blue, Black and Red
Inks, Matches, and Blacking.