Green's St. Louis directory :

John M.Eager, ,
Commissioner Of Deeds ,
Powers of Attorney, Depositions, &c.,
For New York, Massachusetts, New Jersey, North Carolina,
Delaware, Connecticut And New Hampshire.

Office, on Pine Street, near Main,
Saint. Louis, Mo.

Mississippi Foundry ,
No. 202 North Main Street, St. Louis.

Gaty, M`Cune & Glassy ,
Manufacturers Of All Kinds Of
Steam Engines, Brass and Iron Castings,
Saw Mill Wrought And Cast Irons ,
Mill Machinery, Hydraulic Presses, Tobacco And All Other
Kinds of Screws.—Smithing In All Its Branches.

Steamboat Work Done At The Shortest Notice.

[missing figure]
The highest price given for old Copper and Brass.

Freeman Little,
No. 6 North Second-street,


[missing figure]

Mahogany, Cherry, Walnut And Poplar,
Coffins, Ready Made.

[missing figure]
Shrouds, Scarfs, Gloves, Hat Crape, Hearse And Hacks.

N. B. Graves Dug, And Interment.