Green's St. Louis directory :

Dr. Preston, ,
(From New York),
Can Be Consulted At The National Hotel ,

On Chronic, as well as Acute Diseases, of both Northern and Southern
Climes, as he is familiar with both, having practised some time in the
West Indies. He will prescribe Mesmerism, where it is the choice of rem-
edies, as he has been long familiar with its phenomena, as a remedial
agent. The first, as well as the most satisfactory experiments ever made
west of the Mississippi, it is acknowledged, were made by him, in the Fall
of 1841, in this city.

Office, over the Drug Store, corner of Third and Market,
Opposite The National Hotel.

E. A.Johnson, ,
Dealer In
Hardware And Cutlery,
Wove wire of every description ;
Also, Agent for
Carding Machines And Machine Cards,
No. 12 North Main Street,
St. Louis, Mo.

A. & L. Forbes,
Looking-Glass & Picture-Frame
Comb Cutlery and Variety Store,
Watches, Jewelry, & c.,
Wholesale and Retail ,
No. 14 North Main Street,
St. Louis, Mo.

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Combs Repaired.—Plates put in Old Frames.—Old Frames Re-gilt.