Green's St. Louis directory :

Buck’s Patent Cooking-Stove.

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The subcribers have now on hand an assortment of the above celebrated
Cooking Stoves, and feel confident they can supply persons wishing to buy
Cooking Stoves, at wholesale or retail, with the most perfect article in the
Wester Country. It possesses all the advantages of any other Stove now
in use, with at least one-third more oven, which is heated with perfect
uniformity in every part. There are flues in the oven so constructed as to
carry off the steam arising from the cooking of varioius kinds of meats, into
the pipe, thereby preventing the mixture of flavors. The economy, conven-
nience and despath in all the operations of cooking, render this Stove de-
cidedly the most preferable to any other ever offered to the publc.

This celebrated Stove standd unrivalled before the world!

We, the undersigned, have each now in use one of Buck’s Patent Cooking
Stoves, and we confidently recommend them to our friends and the public
generally, as superior in all the operations of cooking, to any we have ever
tried or seen used. It has a decided advantage over all others with which
we are acquainted in the size of the oven, which is so constructed as to
afford a horizontal surface equal to that of the whole body and hearth of the
stove. It bakes equally well in the front and back part, and is no inferior
in any resect to a brick oven. With an excellent draught, it consumes a
very small amount of fuel.

W. W.Dodge, ,

A. W.Fagin, ,

W. H.Witherill, ,

SamuelBassett, ,

H. Chamberlain, ,

JosephEllis, ,

M. Washburn, ,

J. F.Williams, ,

A. Icenhower, ,

IsaiahTownsend, ,

LouisMontany, ,

Rev. W. Griswold, ,

NahumAldrich, ,

D. W.Graham, ,

F. Reichard, ,

S. Turner, & P. Turner, ,

A. S.Rutherfurd, ,

W. D.Skillman, ,

S. Thorp, ,

Charles C.Norris, ,

ThomasJones, .

To show that these stoves are held in the highest estimation in Ohio, we
are at liberty to refer to the following gentlemen, of Cincinnati, where they
have been in use for the last three years:

Rev. Dr. Aydelotte, ,

Dr. Woodward, ,

AlphonsoTaft, , Esq.,

Dr. Rives, ,

JosiahDrake, ,

AugustusIsham, ,

David T.Disney, ,

Rev. J. T.Brook, ,

Dr. J. Allen, ,

W. H. H.Taylor, ,

Dr. Richards, ,

Gen. JohnSnyder, ,

Dr. A.Curtis, ,

PeterCampbell, .

D. Buck & , 184 Main-st.street