Green's St. Louis directory :

Insurance Company
Capital, $100,000, With Privilege of Increasing It To $500,000.
Office--Corner of Pine and Main streets,
St. Louis, Mo.
F. L.Ridgely, , Secretary . Geo.Collier, , President .

GeorgeCollier, , JohnSimonds, , John B.Sarpy, ,
HenryVon Phul, , James M.White, , EdwardBredell, .
EdwardWalsh, , HenryChouteau, ,

[missing figure]
This Company insures upon every description of Marine Risks by sea or river, including all inland insurance by lakes,
railroads, canals, &c., and upon every and all insurable interests against loss or damage by Fire; and upon the hulls of steam
boats, against the dangers of the rivers or of fire.

From the known punctuality with which losses have been adjusted and paid, the Directors confidently ask a portion of the
public patronage.

The Company now offer inducements to the assured, by returning on all Marine Premiums, at the time the risk is taken, one-
tenth of one percent., loss or no loss; and on Fire Premiums, one-tenth on all risks expiring without loss.

January 1, 1845.