Green's St. Louis directory :

Surveying And Civil Engineering,
Within the City and County of
Saint Louis, And Its Vicinity.

Coote & Cozens ,
Surveyors And civil Engineers ,
Offer Their Professional Services To The citizens Of The
City And County Of St. Louis And Vicinity.

Office, S.W. Corner of Second and Pine streets,

C. W.Coote, , having been for some time past engaged in the Engineer
department of this City, as Assistant Engineer , hopes, that from his knowl-
edge of the City and attention to business, he may receive a liberal share
of the public patronage. He will attend more particularly to surveys within
the City and vicinity.

William H.Cozens, , having been long engaged in the City and
County in the practice of his profession, returns his thanks to the public for
their former patronage, and respectfully solicits its continuance. He will
attend more particularly to surveys in the County and vicinity.

[missing figure]
Plats and Maps of Surveys executed with despatch and accuracy.

N. B. Levellings, Calculations, and Examinations of Land Titles
made at short notice, and on moderate terms.

Clement W.Coote, ,
William H.Cozens, ,
and Civil Engineers .

St. Louis, May, 1844.

Botanic medicines.

L. P.Britt, ,
Wholesale And Retail
Dealer In Botanic Medicines ,
No. 164 Fourth Street,
(Near Morgan Street), St. Louis, Mo.

S. W.Ball, .

HenryWhitmore, .

S. W. Ball & ,
Commission Merchants,
Dealers in Produce ,
No. 29 Water Street, St. Louis, Mo.