Green's St. Louis directory :
Fire And Marine Insurance.
Insurance Company ,
Of Hartford, Conn.,
Capital, $150,000,
With Privilege Of Increasing To $500,000.
(Chartered in 1825.)
HenryStagg, , Agent ,
St. Louis.
Office--No. 131 Main Street, (upstairs.)
Directors at Hartford, Conn.:
Daniel W.Clark, ,
William W.Ellsworth, ,
Charles H.Northam, ,
WilliamKellogg, ,
LemuelHumphrey, ,
William A.Ward, ,
WillisThrall, ,
ElleryHills, ,
EdwardBolles, ,
EzraStrong, ,
ElishaPeck, ,
JohnWarburton, .
Benjamin W.Greene, .
D. W.Clark, , President.
WilliamConner, , Secretary.
Every description of building, Goods, Wares, Merchandize
and Furniture; Mills, Manufactories, &c., insured on the most
favorable terms, against loss or damage by fire: also, the Car-
goes of steam, keel and flat boats, sea vessels and freight lists,
insured at the lowest rates, against the perils of the rivers, seas,
lakes and canals.
[missing figure]
All losses will be adjusted and paid, at the agency in this
city, with liberality and promptitude.
N.B. Open Policies Granted On Very Liberal Terms.