Green's St. Louis directory :

AV,avenue; AL,alley; BT,between; COR,corner; DW,dwelling; E,east;
ES,east side; N,north; NS,north side; NW,north-west; OPP,opposite; S,south;
SE,south east; SS,south side; SW,south-west; W,west; WS,west side; UPS,upstairs;
WH,wholesale; [c.], for colored persons.

Several professions will occasionally be found abbreviated, for the purpose of
avoiding the doubling of a line; LBRR, for laborer; CABMKR, for cabinet
maker; BLKSMTH, for blacksmith; CARP, for carpenter; BRKMKR, for brickma-
ker; &c., &c.; but the profession intended to be represented by the abbreviation
will be so obvious as hardly to require elucidation.

Note.-In the following, the directions are, for the most part, brief, plain,
intelligible, and to the point. I have striven to obtain the proper spelling of
names; and in searching for a name, the inquirer ought to know its proper
spelling. A person, for instance, looking for Commons, ought not to look among
the Cummins’s; for Neilson, among the Nelson’s; for Macdonough, or Mackoy,
among the McDonoughs and McCoys; for Walsh among the Welch’s and Welsh’s
and vice versa, and scores, or hundreds, of other like cases of synonymes as to
mere sound.

The cause of censure, in a large majority of cases, is attributable solely to the
want of a knowledge of the correct spelling of the name sought for; therefore,
you must know how to spell the name, else censure not if you do not find it;
mind this, in part, as you go along.

Observe, that the letters I and J, U and V, are not interchangeably arranged,
but I and U take the precedence of J and V.