Green's St. Louis directory :

The female department
C. M. Ligget’s
book-keeping, writing, & stylographic card-markihg
academy, No. 84 Fourth Street, Saint Louis, Mo.

Hours, from 7 to 10, A. M., from April 1st to Novem- vember 1st; and from12 to 2, P. M., from
November 1st to April 1st.

This Institution, one of the most useful female establishments
in this city, has been in successful operation for more
than a year, and in that period, has produced some of the most
elegant female writers in the west or elsewhere, and is now patronized
in a degree, unknown in chirogiaphic institutes in
this city, it being a deplorable fact, that the more solid and
useful branches have, heretofore, been most sadly neglected, in
the education of polite females; and the more frivolous and frequently
useless branches substituted in their stead. From
which circumstance, it is not uncommon to see a fine lady, otherwise
highly accomplished, hardly able to write her name intelligibly,
(being entirely ignorant of accounts;) whilst the
facility and ease with, which a lady may acquire those branches,
leaves them without even the shadow of an excuse.

English Grammar will be taught to Ladies in classes of twenty
or upwards, whenever organized.

Ladies and parents are invited to call, and examine the progress
of pupils for themselves.

Private lessons given to Ladies at their own residences, when

Tuition Fees payable in advance.

Mr. Charles Stewart’s Mathematical Institute

Is connected with this establishment, in which Ladies can have
a thorough knowledge of Arithmetic in a very short time.