Green's St. Louis directory :
McManus, William, brick layer , eseast side Seventh, ssouth of Spruce
McMartin, Thomas, M. D. , 13 nnorth Fourth
McMeal, John P., book keeper at 72 nnorth Water, dw cor Marion
and Rosatti
McMechan, John, merchant , dw ns Chesnut, wwest of Seventh
McMechan, John, (Thomson & McM.) nwnorthwest corcorner 9th & Locust
McMillan, Eliza, widow, 268 nnorth Seventh, ups
McMillan, John H., eseast side Eighth, nnorth of Green
McMurray, John D., (McM. & D.) opposite 88 Pine, ups
McMurray, William A., M. D. , 104 nnorth Fifth
McMurray & Dorman , “St. Louis iron railing manf’y,” 46 nnorth 3d
McMurry, Lewis, baker , 50 Chesnut
McMurtry, William, clerk , 165 ssouth Main
McNab, Alexander, laborer , nsnorthside Brooklin, wwest of Broadway
McNair, Thomas J., M. D. , 92 Chesnut
McNairy, William, carpenter , sesoutheast corcorner Thirteenth & Spruce
McNally, Owen, 222 nnorth Eleventh
McNamee, Patrick, riverman , 195 Carondelet-avenue
McNaul, ——, painter , boards at 114 ssouth Fourth
McNeil, John, hatter , 38 nnorth Main, dw 13 ssouth Eighth
McNeil, Joseph, (L. R. & Co.Company )eseast side Eleventh, nnorth of Locust
McNeil, William, engineer , nenortheast corcorner Tenth and Olive
McNeilly, Samuel, iron, nails, &c. merch , 12 nnorth Water, dw 5 ssouth 5th
McNemara, John, carter , 86 ssouth Sixth
McNeny, John, trader , ns Carr, w of Fifteenth
McNichol, James, riverman , 274 nnorth Tenth, ups
McNulty, Nicholas, shoemaker , wswest side Ninth, nnorth of Gratiot
McParlane, James, clerk , 217 nnorth Main
McPhail, Archibald, laborer , 229 nnorth Eighth, ups
McPheters, George, carpenter , 70 Spruce
McPherson, William M., attorney , 51 Pine, dw 92 Myrtle
McQuaid, John, shoemaker , 257 nnorth Seventh
McSherry, Patrick T., (Noel & McS.) 159 nnorth Seventh
McSorley, John, stone cutter , 137 nnorth Ninth
McVey, Michael, laborer , nenortheast corcorner Broadway and Jefferson
McVicker, Thomas H., painter , rear of 98 Carondelet-avenue
Maack, William, carpenter , nsnorthside Franklin-av, w of Fourteenth
Maas, Henry C., laborer , 197 Carr
Macdonough, Augustus R., attorney , 19 Cliesnut, ups
Macdonough, J. E. F., M. D. , 67 nnorth Fifth
Machir, John, (January & M.)boards at Scott’s Hotel
Mackay, Æneas, major U. S. A.United States of America , 24 St. Charles
Mackemer, Elias M., collector , 140 Olive
Mackenzie, Kenneth, com merchcommission merchants , 18 nnorth Main, dw 19 ssouth Fifth
Macklin, John, eseast side Ninth, ssouth of Cerré
Macklin, Thomas, eseast side Ninth, ssouth of Cerré