Green's St. Louis directory :
Sanford, George W., engineer , 7 Gratiot
Sanguinet, Charles, 72 nnorth Seventh, teller at L. A. Benoist’s
Sanguinet, Frederick, 2d book keeper at L. A. Benoist’s
Santel, Anton, tailor , 66 ssouth Main
Saple, James, drayman , wswest side Centre, ssouth of Market
Sarpy, John B., (P. C. Jr. & Co.Company ) 137 Olive
Sass, Richard S., clerk , nsnorthside Olive, wwest of Ninth
Sauder, Michael, 47 ssouth Third
Sauer, Benjamin, teamster , 194 nnorth Thirteenth
Sauer, Jacob, coffee house , 17 Morgan
Sauer, Nicholas, tailor , 253 nnorth Twelfth
Saugrain, G. R., widow, 226 ssouth Second
Saunders, Aaron, finisher , 62 Morgan, up stairs
Saunders, Frederick, riverman , boards at 27 ssouth Water
Savage, Nathan W., clerk at 93 nnorth Main
Scarrett, Russell, (Ellet & S.) 32 Chesnut
Schaab, Christian, cabinet maker , 71 ssouth Second, ups
Schade, John, cabinet maker , 284 nnorth Ninth
Schaefer, Henry, tailor , 196 nnorth Eighth
Schaefer, Henry, laborer , 308 nnorth Eighth
Schaeffer, Adam, nsnorthside Spruce , w of Twelfth
Schaeffer, Balser, butcher , ss Christy- avavenue , wwest of Nineteenth
Schaeffer, Henry, soap maker , ss Christy- avavenue , wwest of 22d
Schaeffer, Henry, laborer , ss Morgan, wwest of Seventeenth
Schaeffer, Joseph, tavern , 175 nnorth Second
Schaeffer, Nicholas, chandler , 255 nnorth Main
Schaeffer, Nicholas, chandler , 250 nnorth Main
Schaeper, August, musician , 119 Franklin-avenue, ups
Schafer, Frederick, “Mississippi House”
Schaffer, Frederick, laborer , wswest side Twelfth, ssouth of Spruce
Schamburg, Charles W., 186 nnorth Fourth
Schamburg, Christian, butcher , 76 nnorth Front, ups
Scharfenberger, Ferdinand, eseast side Centre, ssouth of Market
Scharit, Augustus W., attorney , 36 nnorth Third, dwelling 199 nnorth
Scharnhorst, Charles, carpenter , rear 333 ssouth Fifth, on alley
Scharr, George, carter , 254 Carr
Schattler, John, carpenter , 263 nnorth Ninth
Schatz, Michael, shoemaker , 268 Carr
Schau, Gotleib, laborer , wswest side Columbus, ssouth of Marion
Scheel, John F., shoemaker , ss Hickory, wwest of Fifth
Scheer, George, black smith , eseast side Fifteenth, nnorth of Market
Scheer, Jacob, wheelwright , 139 Chesnut
Sclmtz, John, laborer , nwnorthwest corcorner Fourteenth and Market, ups
Schutz, John, laborer , eseast side Eleventh, nnorth of Biddle
Scheibel, Caspar, carpenter , rear 243 nnorth Thirteenth
Scheibel, George, baker , 226 nnorth Eighth