Green's St. Louis directory :
Sell, Edwin M., (S. & Co.Company ) 37 Market
Sell E. M. & Co.Company , merchants, 37 Market
Selleck, Sands E., carpenter , nsnorthside Walnut, wwest of Seventh
Sellers, Rachel, widow, 177 nnorth Third
Selmeier, Francis, carter , ss Hickory, wwest of Fifth
Semmelman, Bernard, sawyer , nsnorthside Chambers, wwest of Broadway
Semmelmann, John, merchant , 201 Broadway
Semont, Hilaire, 131 ssouth Third
Semple, Charles, wh iron, &c. merch , 16 nnorth Water
Sennewald, William, cabinet maker , rear 271 ssouth Second
Sensenderfer, William, tobacconist , 178 nnorth Main
Seppen, Diedrich, laborer , rear 144 ssouth Sixth
Sergeant, James T., riverman , 91 Wash
Settle, Thomas G., 147 Spruce
Severson, Benoni, grocer , 302 Broadway
Sexton, Hugh, (S. & Son) eseast side Broadway, btbetween Chambers and
Sexton, John, (S. & Son) ss Brooklin, wwest of Tenth
Sexton & Son , carpenters, shop eseast side Broadway, btbetween Chambers and
Sewell, Moses, [c] drayman , wswest side Fourteenth, ssouth of Spruce
Seydel, Francis, M. D. , 110 Carondelet-avenue
Seymour, Christian, butcher , ss Clark- avavenue , wwest of Fifteenth
Seymour, Francis F., bar keeper , 189 ssouth Second
Seymour, Jesse R., 70 nnorth Second
Seymour, Manuel, sawyer , nenortheast corcorner Broadway & Hempstead
Shad, Peter, laborer , rear 57 Elm
Shade, John, 175 ssouth Fifth
Shær, John P., barber , 84 Cedar
Shale, Henry, farrier , s of 296 ssouth Third
Shaffner, George, (Raborg & S.) nsnorthside Chouteau- avavenue , wwest of Stoddard
Shaffner, M., tobacconist , 59 nnorth Fourth
Shands, Joseph G., bricklayer , 203 Morgan
Shands, William O., bricklayer , 161 nnorth Eighth
Shannon, Alfred, 224 nnorth Fifth
Shapleigh, Augustus F., (R., S. & C.) 175 nnorth Main
Sharkey, John, eseast side Fifth, nnorth of Clark-avenue, on alley
Sharp, John, carpenter , wswest side Fifteenth, ssouth of Market
Shaw, Benjamin L., (W. & S.) 39 nnorth Front
Shaw, Charles, boss carpenter , boards at Wm.William McNeale’s
Shaw, Charles H., (K. & S.) corcorner Eleventh and St. Charles
Shaw, Hiram, tobacconist , 63 ssouth Main, dw 100 Myrtle
Shaw, Isaac, brick layer , 267 nnorth Eleventh
Shaw, James, brick layer , nsnorthside Washington-avenue, wwest of 15th
Shaw, John, mason , 274 nnorth Tenth
Shaw, John, agent Brandreth’s Pills , 69 Market
Shaw, James G., printer , at “Catholic News Letter"