Green's St. Louis directory :
Stinde, Conrad H. R., clerk at 84 nnorth Main
Stine, Charles W., grocer , nenortheast corcorner Fourth and Olive
Stine, Jacob R., shot manf’r , dw 147 ssouth Third
Stinger, John, cooper , nsnorthside Madison, wwest of Broadway
Stith, Leonidas Y., (Meade & S.) M. D.’s , 44 Pine
St. John, William, M. D. , dw 106 nnorth Second, ups
St. Mitchell, Edward, merchmerchants , dw 6 nnorth Third
Stock, Dominick, shoemaker , 59 nnorth Second
Stock, Ellen, widow, rear 125 nnorth Ninth
Stock, Stephen, “Oregon Brewery,” wswest side Seventh, ssouth of Barry
Stock, William, clerk at 34 ssouth Main
Stockton, James, butcher , wswest side Broadway, nnorth of Harrison
Stoddard, William R., laborer , wswest side Seventh, ssouth of Hickory
Stœcklin, Frederick, shoemaker , wswest side Seventh, ssouth of Park- avavenue
Stohlman, Frederick, laborer , corcorner Stoddard and Hickory
Stoll, Hepolite. clerk , 122 ssouth Fifth
Stoltebenn, Herman, (S. & S.) oppopposite 103 Morgan
Stolteben, Joseph, rope maker , 238 Biddle
Stone, Abner, (Ridgely & Co.Company ) 69 Locust
Stone, Henry E., carpenter , boards at National Hotel
Stone, John, carpenter , 22 Gay
Stone, Robert H., wholesale grocer and com merchcommission merchants , 11 nnorth Water
Stoops, William, baker , 327 ssouth Fifth
Storr, Herman, wswest side Seventh, ssouth of Barry
Stout, Joseph, plane maker , 87 Market, dw 295 ssouth Fifth
Stout, Moses, (M. & N. H. S.) eseast side Sixth, nnorth of Olive
Stout, Nathaniel H., (M. & N. H. S.) 197 nnorth Fifth
Stout, Samuel, carpenter , eseast side Main, ssouth of Montgomery
Stout M. & N. H. , hardware merchants , 157 nnorth Main
Stout M. & N.H. , plane manufacturers, 157 nnorth Main
Stow, Leverett B., clerk at 28 nnorth Fourth, dw ns Pine, wwest of 12th
Stowener, Ferdinand, grocer , 269 nnorth Second
Strachan, William, liquor merchant , 91 nnorth Water
Strachan & Nicholson , grocers, nenortheast corcorner Fourth and Market
Strange, Jesse E., “Mound Mill,” dw ne cor Broadway and
Strasser, John, carpenter , 53 ssouth Second
Stratman, Henry, clerk at 238 Market
Stratton, Levi, black smith , dwelling 274 nnorth Sixth
Streeper, Wilkinson, carpenter , 17 Morgan
Streett, Kennaday, clothier , 196 nnorth Main, dw 151 nnorth Seventh
Streett, Robert, clothier , 126 nnorth Main, dwelling 37 St. Charles
Streker, Diedrich, laborer , nsnorthside Poplar, eeast of Main
Striker, Henry, carpenter , 356 ssouth Second
Stringer, Thomas, draper and tailor , 80 nnorth Second, dw ns Locust,
eeast of Eighth
Strodtman, Francis, laborer , nsnorthside Smith, eeast of Main