Green's St. Louis directory :
Tackaberry, Thomas, carman , nsnorthside Pine, wwest of Fourteenth
Tafer, Valentine, carpenter , ss Chesnut, wwest of Fourteenth
Taffender, Jessey, widow, rear 44 Convent, on alley
Taft, E. H., dep City Weigher, 67 nnorth Water, ups
Talbott, Jane, widow, 178 Morgan
Talbott, John S., (J. S. T. & Co.Company ) 123 nnorth Main
Talbott J. S. & Co.Company , variety store, 123 nnorth Main
Talliaferro, Lewis, [c] opposite 28 Plum
Tankard, Nicholas, laborer , 216 Green, up stairs
Tanquary, Isaac P., miller , eseast side Broadway, nnorth of Howard
Tanton, Thomas, (Cuniffe & T.) nwnorthwest corcorner Broadway and Morgan
Tanzberger, Frederick, (A. & T.) 326 ssouth Third
Targee, Thomas B., auc’r, 72 nnorth Main, dw ws 14th, ssouth of Market
Tarlton, James, painter , ss Pine, wwest of Fourteenth
Tarver, Micajah, attorney , 97 Chesnut, up stairs
Tate, Henry, [c] barber , 230 nnorth Eleventh
Tatersall, Joseph, stone cutter , nsnorthside Morgan, wwest of Nineteenth
Tatum, David, comcommission and forw merch , 3 Locust, dw 194 Morgan
Taueir, George, laborer , 291 Carr
Taussig, Charles, (Abeles & T.) 98 Carondelet-avenue
Taylor, Charles, butcher , swsouthwest corcorner Twelfth and Clark-avenue
Taylor, Edward D., clerk , ss Barry, wwest of Seventh
Taylor, Ellen A., widow, ss Mullanphy, eeast of Broadway
Taylor, George, steamboat captain , sesoutheast corcorner Main and Ashley
Taylor, George R., (Primm & T.) nwnorthwest corcorner Fifth and Elm
Taylor, Henry, [c] 272 b Eighth
Taylor, Henry S., rear 108 Carondelet-avenue
Taylor, Isaac W., (T. & M.) ss Olive, wwest of Ninth
Taylor, James M., boarding house , 14 ssouth Fourth
Taylor, John D., book keeper , 250 Morgan
Taylor, John, book keeper at L. A. Benoist’s
Taylor, John B., (Taylor & Co.Company ) 79 nnorth Water
Taylor, Mary, widow, 157 Green
Taylor, Misses, milinery and fancy store , 104 Market
Taylor, Moses, justice , 206 ssouth Second, dw rear 125 Elm
Taylor, Robert S., merchmerchants , dw ns Olive, wwest of Ninth
Taylor, Robert, carrier , 309 nnorth Ninth
Taylor, Thomas, currier , 126 ssouth Main
Taylor, Thomas, 236 nnorth Seventh
Taylor, Thomas, clerk , 18 nnorth Main
Taylor, Thomas M., (Taylor & Co.Company ) 79 nnorth Water
Taylor, Thomas H., pilot , 22 ssouth Fifth, ups
Taylor, Thomas M., (K. Mackenzie & Co.Company ) 18 nnorth Main
Taylor, William, trader , 38 Plum
Taylor, William, foreman at O’Blenis’, 52 Chesnut
Taylor, William H., student of medicine, 45 Pine
Taylor & Co.Company , wh gro & com merchs, 79 nnorth Water