Green's St. Louis directory :
Tomlinson, James, shoemaker , 231 Market
Tomlinson, John B., butcher , boards at Mrs. Ruggles’
Tompkins, D. R., M. D. , nenortheast corcorner Broadway and Hempstead
Tomkins, William M., (B. & T.) eseast side Eleventh, nnorth of Locust
Tona, Jesse, laborer , ss Chambers, eeast of Broadway
Toncray, Francis L., “Mound City Exchange,” 210 Broadway
Tonjes, Anthony, eseast side Rosatti, ssouth of Marion
Tonpee, Mary, widow, 247 Franklin-avenue
Tontrup, Henry, grocer , 284 nnorth Seventh
Took, James H., silver smith , &c., 57 nnorth Second
Toomy, Thomas, stone cutter , rear 180 Wash
Topping, John S., clerk at 147 nnorth Main
Topping, Lucas C., clerk at 153 nnorth Main
Toupee, Mary, widow, 247 Franklin-avenue
Town, Jeremiah, bar keeper , 58 Collins
Townsend, Beeson, wire worker , dw rear 144 nnorth Second
Townsend, Benjamin F., wire worker , 134 nnorth Second
Townsend, Francis J., machinist , 248 nnorth Seventh
Townsend, Isaiah, clerk , 227 Franklin-avenue
Townsend, James B., attorney , 38½ Chesnut, dw 107 ssouth Fourth
Townsend, Rev.Reverend J. B., boards at 127 Morgan
Toy, Daniel V., shoemaker , 258 Washington-avenue
Tracy, Alfred, 140 Spruce
Tracy, Charles, (Randolph & T.) 12 ssouth Fifth
Tracy, Edward, 12 ssouth Fifth
Tracy, J. E., game depot , dw rear 124 Locust
Tracy, William B., riding school , Washington- avavenue , wwest of 13th
Trainer, Arthur, laborer , 121 nnorth Ninth
Trainer, Michael, 89 Green, ups
Tralle, Louisa, widow, ns Carr, wwest of Fifteenth
Trammel, Asa, laborer , wswest side Main, nnorth of Howard
Trask, George, cabinet maker , 26 Locust, dwelling 76 Vine
Traskosky, Bolesles, clerk , 36 nnorth Third, up stairs
Treadway, James H., (S. & Co.Company ) 169 nnorth Third
Treat, Samuel, attorney , dw 206 Market
Treher, William, clothier , 100 nnorth Water
Tribbe, Henry, carpenter , 218 nnorth Sixth
Trice, Lorens, laborer , nsnorthside Labadie, wwest of Fifth
Trinberger, Joseph, carpenter , 319 ssouth Fifth
Trion, Eliza, widow, 121 ssouth , Fifth
Trotter, Isaac P., carriage maker , eseast side Broadway, ssouth of Webster
Trouett, Hipolite, clerk , 98 nnorth Second
Trowbridge, George, clerk at 15 nnorth Water
Truckey, Gabriel, (T. & W.) rear 29 Market
Truckey & Waters , wheelwrights, rear 29 Market
Trudeau, John M. F., M. D. , 130 nnorth Second, ups
True, Henry M., merchant , boards at Planters’ House