Green's St. Louis directory :
Wagner, Lewis, cabinet maker , 83 nnorth Second
Wagner, Nicholas, miller , 102 ssouth Fourth
Wagner, Peter, laborer , boards at 89 ssouth Second
Wagner, Philip, brick layer , 170 Carondelet-avenue
Wagner, Wendel, tailor , 199 Broadway
Wagner, William, tavern , 90 ssouth Second
Waie, Fortunate F., musical instrument and razor strop manu-
facturer , 49 Chesnut
Wainwright, Ellis, “Fulton Brewery,” 28 Almond, dw corner
Main and Almond
Waite, Elizabeth, dress maker , 25 Myrtle
Waite, William, carpenter , 25 Myrtle
Wales, Dexter T., (O. W. & Sons) 143 nnorth Sixth
Wales, Henry, (O. W. & Sons) 143 nnorth Sixth
Wales, James R., (O. W. & Sons) 143 nnorth Sixth
Wales, Orin, (O. Wales & Sons) 143 nnorth Sixth
Wales, William, baker , 180 Franklin-avenue
Wales O. & Sons , wholesale grocers, 54 nnorth Water
Walkener, Bals H., tailor , ss Hickory, wwest of Fifth
Walker, Abraham B., tanner , nsnorthside Chouteau-avenue, eeast of Seventh
Walker, Charles, grocer , 312 Morgan
Walker, Elizabeth, widow, boarding house , 3 ssouth Fourth
Walker, George, carpenter , wswest side Main, nnorth of Madison, up stairs
Walker, George, clerk in weigh master’s office, 67 Water, ups
Walker, Isaac, carpet store , 126 nnorth Main, ups
Walker, James, [c] whitewasher , 118 Almond
Walker, James S., painter , 233 Carr
Walker, John, carpenter , 331 nnorth Seventh
Walker, Joseph B., attorney , 21 Chesnut, ups
Walker, Julius, agtagent for Dr. Vaughn’s medicines, 77 Chesnut
Walker, Samuel, tailor , rear 64 ssouth Seventh, ups
Walker, Thomas, grocer , 201 nnorth Main
Walker, Thomas B., (E. & W.) nwnorthwest corcorner Main and Market
Walker, Tom, shoemaker , 132 nnorth Sixth
Walker, William, carpenter , ss Spruce, wwest of Twelfth
Wall, John, match manf’r , wswest side Third, nnorth of Convent
Wall, Mary, widow, 110 nnorth Fourth
Wall, Thomas, 157 nnorth Eleventh
Wallace, Hamilton V., clerk at 78 nnorth Main
Wallace, George, sawyer , eseast side Broadway, nnorth of Chambers
Wallace, L.Cameron, boot & shoe store , 64 nnorth Fourth
Walmsley, James, ship carpenter , 259 nnorth Seventh
Walsh, Anastatia, widow, 5 St. Charles
Walsh, Edward, (J. & E. W.) 49 nnorth Sixth
Walsh, James B., clerk , 149 ssouth Third
Walsh, John, (J. & E. W.) “Union Mill,” nsnorthside Florida, eeast of Main
Walsh, Patrick, 149 ssouth Third