Green's St. Louis directory :
Wilson, William K., (W. & Bros.) oppopposite 61 Washington- avavenue
Wilson, William K., painter , 273 nnorth Eleventh
Wilson, —, carpenter , 221 nnorth Fifth, ups
Wilson & Brothers , wh hardware merch’smerchants , 97 nnorth Main
Wimer, George A., 193 Market
Wimer, Isaac N., clerk in P. Office, dw cor 6th and Spruce
Wimer, John M., Postmaster , dw 211 nnorth Fifth
Winchell, Elias, clerk at 133 nnorth Main
Winchester, Roswell, (W. & C.) sesoutheast corcorner Seventh & Franklin- avavenue
Winchester & Chandler , grocers, southeast corner Seventh and
Windleor, Henry, 3 Gay
Windmuller, Eliza, widow, 268 nnorth Seventh
Wineland, Andrew, riverman , 242 nnorth Fifth
Winkelmeyer, Adam, carpenter , 104 Morgan, ups
Winkelmeyer, Julius, (S. & W.) 352 ssouth Second
Winwright, John, justice of the peace , notary and comcommission of deeds
for the States of Ohio and Illinois, office & dw 79 Morgan
Winslow, George, clerk at 162 nnorth Third
Winte, Frederick, teamster , eseast side Ninth, nnorth of Labeaume
Winter, Frederick, carter , wswest side Twelfth, ssouth of Spruce, on alley
Winters, Jacob A., (Farrington & W.) 112 nnorth Main
Winters, Owen, mason , rear 15 nnorth Tenth
Winton, Eliza J., widow, ss Mound, eeast of Broadway
Wiith, William, 298 ssouth Fifth
Wise, Henry J., State & county collector , 111 Chesnut, dw ns
Pine, wwest of Twelfth
Wise, Isaac T., attorney , 29 Vine
Wise, John S., druggist , 236 Broadway, dw 93 Wash
Wiser, Peter H., teamster , nenortheast corcorner Broadway & Jefferson, ups
Wishart, James, M. D. , dw 78 nnorth . Fourth
Wisman, Herman, ragman , 197 ssouth Second
Wissman, William, tailor , 216 nnorth Sixth
Wiswall, Augustus, clerk at 99 nnorth Main
Witherell, Sidneyclerk , boards at 31 ssouth Third
Withers, Joseph D., (W. & W.) boards at Vine-street House
Witte, John H., drayman , nsnorthside Spruce, wwest of Twelfth
Wittig, Michael, beer house , 179 ssouth Second
Wochner, Fidel, laborer , ss Clark-avenue, wwest of Fourteenth
Wochner, Nicholas, ss Clark-avenue, wwest of Fourteenth
Wœlcker, Frederick, draftsman Surv Genl’s office, dw rear 35
ssouth Eighth
Wœlker, Bernard, band box maker , sesoutheast corcorner Soulard and Decatur
Wœmpner, William, clerk at 25 nnorth Main
Wohlein, Anna, widow, 7 Carondelet-avenue
Wolf, Christopher, grocer , 292 nnorth Seventh
Wolf, Eberhard, tailor , nsnorthside Soulard, eeast of Jackson