Green's St. Louis directory :
Saw Mills.
“Dock,”, Jennings & Mitchell,” eseast side Lewis, ssouth of O’Fallon.
“N.Childs’,, ” wswest side Lewis, btbetween Bates and Smith.
“Clark & Childs’,” eseast side Main, nnorth of Brooklin.
“Hall, Allen & Co.Company ,” sesoutheast corcorner Main and Webster.
“Brotherton & Gordon,” nenortheast corcorner Main and Webster.
“Dixon & Mitchell,” sesoutheast corcorner Main and Jefferson.
“Sturgeon & Bro.,” corcorner Warren and City Property.
“Schulenberg & Co.Company ,” corcorner Second and Wright.
“Charles, R.Anderson,” nenortheast corcorner Second and Harrison.
“Brotherton & Gordon ,” oppopposite 168 ssouth Main.
“G. B. Allen & Co.Company ,” Wood, near Carondelet-avenue.