Green's St. Louis directory :
Acks, Adam, grocer , 329 ssouth Fifth
Adams, Agnes, widow, 193 Green
Adams, Augustus, boards at Jefferson House
Adams, Bartlett, carpenter , 171 Morgan
Adams, Edson E., chair manufacturer , 81 nnorth Second
Adams, George, tailor , nsnorthside Washington- av.avenue , wwest of Fifthteenth
Adams, George R., tailor , nenortheast corner Seventh and Chouteau- av.avenue
Adams, Jacob, tailor , 233 nnorth Eleventh
Adams, James, laborer , wswest side Main, nnorth of Lombard
Adams, James, carpenter , 154 nnorth Eleventh
Adams, James, riverman , 138 nnorth Seventh
Adams, John, (R. & J. Adams)123 Morgan
Adams, John H., clkclerk at 118 nnorth Main, dw 172 Broadway
Adams, Rudolph, (R. & J. Adams)sesoutheast corcorner Fourth and Green
Adams R. & J. , druggists, sesoutheast corner Fourth and Green and swsouthwest
corner Fourth and Market.
Adamson, Joseph, (K. & A.,)wswest side Seventh, nnorth of Franklin AvAvenue
Addington, William, well digger , 259 nnorth Ninth
Adreon, Stephen W., M. D. , 121 Locust
Adriance, William, merchant , dwelling 240 nnorth Sixth, store 62
Affleck, Thomas, M. D. , 257 Broadway
Agen, James, book seller , 22 ssouth Ninth
Agers, Henry, porter , 141 Washington Avenue
Agnew, John O., (A. & Buchanan,)56 nnorth Water
Agnew & Buchanan , wh gro’s and com merch’scommission merchants , 56 nnorth Water
Ahens, Henry, grocer , 91 ssouth Second
Ahens, William, laborer , rear of 93 St. Charles
Ahenz, August, shoemaker , 221 ssouth Second
Ahrens, George, tinner , 271 ssouth Second
Aikin, J. C., surgeon dentist , 156 nnorth Fourth
Akin, Michael, carter , nsnorthside Brooklin, WWest of Broadway
Albee, Simeon, carpenter , eseast side Centre, SSouth of Market
Alberger, Jacob, saddler , nenortheast corner Eleventh and Locust
Alberger, John P., saddler , wswest side Centre, SSouth of Market
Albers, Anton, laborer , eseast side Hamtramck, SSouth of Park Avenue
Albers, Herman, carpenter , ss Wash, WWest of Eleventh
Albitz, George, carpenter , 247 nnorth Eleventh
Albitz, Henry, laborer , 239 nnorth Eleventh
Albitz, Jacob, shoemaker , 337 Morgan, up stairs
Albitz, J., shoemaker , 22 Morgan
Albrand, Henry, tailor , 224 Franklin Avenue
Albright, Thomas J., gun mkrmaker , dw 21 Ninth, factory 99 Chesnut
Aibro, John W., carpenter , 216 nnorth Fifth, up stairs
Alcon & Quellmatz , tobacconists, 125 ssouth Second
Alcon, Eugene, (A. & Q.)29 Spruce
Aldrich, Lucius, dairyman , nenortheast corner Ninth and Spring