Green's St. Louis directory :
Butt, John R., engineer , ss Orange, wwest of Fourteenth
Buttner, David, upholsterer , 106 nnorth Second, dw 255 nnorth Second
Butzer, Frederick, wswest side Seventh, ssouth of Hickory
Buxton, Joseph, wireweaver , swsouthwest corcorner Fifthteenth and Clark- av.avenue
Byrne, Gregory, steamboat builder , nenortheast corcorner Collins and Biddle
ByrneJohn, Jr., gen agt , dw cor Seventh and Chouteau- av.avenue ,
office 92 Chesnut
Byron, John, laborer , nsnorthside Brooklin, wwest of Broadway
Cabanné, Julia, widow, 18 ssouth Sixth
Cable, George W., steamboat captain , 262 Franklin-avenue
Cabot, Joseph C., clerk at 69 nnorth Water
Cabrilliac, Antoine, “Ferry House,” 8 nnorth Water
Cabrilliac, Hipolite, merchant , 29 Poplar
Cadwallader, Charles, teamster , 307 ssouth Fifth
Cady, Cyril C., (C. & Stagg) 9 Chesnut
Cady & Stagg , editors People’s Organ, 9 Chesnut
Cafarata, Jerome, 141 ssouth Fourth, “Old Dominion,” 76 nnorth Water
Cahill, Patrick, drayman , 324 nnorth Eighth
Cairns, John, teamster , 219 nnorth Thirteenth
Caldwell, James, carpenter , 163 ssouth Fifth
Caldwell, Joseph, carpenter , 177 nnorth Eighth
Callahan, George W., attorney , 50 nnorth Second
Cale, William, plasterer , 228 nnorth Fifth
Calhoun, Norwell J., clerk , 30 nnorth Main
Callé, John B., nsnorthside Carroll, eeast of Carondelet-avenue
Calloway, Thomas, laborer , 295 Morgan
Calvert, Jesse, blacksmith , dw rear 86 Chesnut, on alley, shop
94 nnorth Second
Calvert, John, eseast side Fourteenth, nnorth of Franklin-avenue
Calvert, Launcelot, 236 nnorth Fifth
Camden, John B., Pres’t Perpet’l Ins Co , dw ss Market, wwest
of Seventh
Camden, Peter G., Mayor , eseast side Broadway, nnorth of Mound
Cammack, Claiborne C., clerk at 15 nnorth Water
Camp, John, cooper , 100 Cedar
Campbell, Andrew, carriage manufacturer , 361 Morgan
Campbell, Cornelius, M. D. , dwelling 343 ssouth Fifth, office sesoutheast corcorner
Third and Market, up stairs
Campbell, Eugenia, 40 ssouth Fifth
Campbell, Michael R., 63 Market
Campbell, Robert, wh dry goods merchmerchants , 137 nnorth Main dw corner
Fifth and Elm
Campbell, Robert L., engraver , 24 Chesnut
Campbell, Samuel, carpenter , eseast side Fifteenth, nnorth of Franklin- avavenue
Campbell, Susan, widow, eseast side Rosatti, nnorth of Marion
Campbell, Tristram, (Hoffman & C.) 65 Locust