Green's St. Louis directory :
Coon, Samuel, pedlar , 321 ssouth Third
Coons, Andrew J., M. D. , office 34 Vine, dw se cor 7th & Locust
Coons, Felix, wswest side Collins , n of Reservoir
Coons, George W., 147 ssouth Fourth
Coons, Mary, widow, 26 ssouth Fourth
Coons & Gallagher , merch’smerchants & grocers, 1 ssouth Water, under Cen-
tre Market
Coop, Edward, engineer , nsnorthside Jefferson, wwest of Main
Coop, John, engineer , eseast side Jackson, ssouth of Marion
Cooper, Charles, omnibus driver , wswest side Broadway, nnorth of Warren
Cooper, Christopher, riverman , 226 Carr
Cooper, George, carpenter , 236 nnorth Eleventh, up stairs
Cooper, Peter, carpenter , 219 Carr
Cooper, Richard H., locksmith , 242 Washington-avenue
Cooper, Sarah, widow, 90 Myrtle
Cooper, Thomas, painter , wswest side Ninth, nnorth of Montgomery
Cooper, Thomas, carpenter , nsnorthside Smith, eeast of Main
Cooper, William, laborer , 200 nnorth Sixth
Coote, Clement W., city surveyor , 146 nnorth Seventh
Copp, Samuel, (Alexander & Co.Company ) agtagent for Mutual Life Insu-
rance Co.Company of N. York , boards at 102 nnorth Fourth
Coppelman, Henry, cabinet maker , 180 nnorth Fourth
Corbett, Bartholomew, carman , 125 nnorth Ninth
Corbin, David, laborer , rear 152 ssouth Fifth
Corbly, William, cooper , rear 236 Market
Corby, William H., (C. & Crowther) 239 nnorth Fifth
Corby & Crowther , steamboat blksmths, nwnorthwest corcorner Main & Cherry
Cordell, Mary, widow, 58 nnorth Sixth
Cordes, Albrecht C., grocer , 291 ssouth Fifth
Cordes, Deidrich, grocer , nenortheast corcorner Fifth and Olive
Corey, Joshua F., carpenter , ss Morgan, wwest of Twelfth
Corkery, John, boarding house , opposite 33 Franklin-avenue
Corle, John H., nenortheast corcorner Collins and Biddle
Corley, Joseph, caulker , eseast side Fulton, nnorth of Lafayette
Corley, Warren C., cabinet and chair maker , nsnorthside Chesnut, wwest of
Twelfth, factory 22 Pine
Cormany, Nehemiah R., editor Tribune , dw 63 ssouth Third
Corning, George, shoemaker , 73 Chesnut, dw Olive, wwest of 12th
Cornwall, John, clerk at “York House,” 166 nnorth Second
Cornwall, Madison W., com merchcommission merchants , dwelling 36 Pine
Corris, William, laborer , 308 nnorth Seventh
Corse, James M., wh and ret druggist, 69 nnorth Main
Costello, ——, pump maker , nenortheast corcorner Eleventh and Locust
Cotton, James M., eseast side Main, nnorth of Biddle
Cotton, John R., carpenter , 137 Green
Cotton, Kearon, tinner , 230 Market, shop 81 Franklin-avenue
Coulter, George W., 24 ssouth Fifth