Green's St. Louis directory :
Frame, John, drayman , ss Franklin-avenue, wwest of Seventeenth
Franc, William, bandbox maker , wswest side Jackson, nnorth of Barry
France, Jacob, pastry cook , 160 Pine, upstairs
Francis, David, (F. & W.) swsouthwest corcorner Third and Green
Francis, Lewis, locksmith , 239 Caronclelet-avenue
Francis, William H., ss Columbia, eeast of Broadway
Francis & Walton , druggists, swsouthwest corcorner Third and Green, se c
Fourth and Market, and junction of 5th and Carondelet
Francisco, John, (F. & B.) nwnorthwest corcorner Ninth and Brooklin
Francisco & Bullock , carps, nwnorthwest corcorner Ninth and Brooklin
Franck, Lorens, laborer , eseast side Fifteenth, nnorth of Franklin-avenue
Franey, William, clerk at 72 nnorth Water
Frank, John H., porter , ss Mound, wwest of Main
Franklin, George, engineer , nsnorthside Benton, eeast of Broadway
Franklin, Henry L., clerk at 86 nnorth Main
Franklin, Joseph F., (F. & P.) ss Locust, wwest of Sixth
Franklin & Perry , wh hardware merchants, 86 nnorth Main
Franksen & Wesselheft , German book and stationary store, 7
ssouth Second
Frazer, Daniel M., s b captain , 247 nnorth Fifth
Frazer, John F., printer , boards at I 12 ssouth Fourth
Frazier, William, carpenter , 11 Gay
Frazier, William B., ship carpenter , nsnorthside Benton, wwest of Broadway
Frederich, Charles, oil cloth manf’rmanufacturer , store 24 nnorth Second
Fredericks, John F., saddler , 222 Carr
Free, John, pilot , 264 nnorth Second
Free, Johns, varnisher , nsnorthside St. Charles, wwest of Twelfth, ups
Freeman, David B., fur dealer , 252 nnorth Fifth
Freeman, Elizabeth, widow, 18 Plum
Freeman, Ford, carpenter , eseast side Main, nnorth of Mullanphy
Frees, Peter W., engineer , 202 ssouth Third
Freese, Herman, (F. & K.) 5 Franklin-avenue
Freese & Kalmeyer , tailors, 5 Franklin-avenue
Freg, Gotleib, laborer , 26 Mulberry
Freid, Henry, laborer , eseast side Eighth, ssouth of Barry
Freiesleben, Julien, yarn & stocking factory , 42 ssouth Second
Freligh, John S., loan office , 21 Locust, dw 252 Franklin- avavenue
Freligh, William B., clerk at St. Louis Sugar Refinery
Fremon Du, Bouffay, (F & R.) 92 Poplar
Fremon & Reber , attorneys, 49 Pine
Fremont, Jacquez A., 89 Olive
Fressrnan, Theodore, piano maker , 88 Market, up stairs
Fretof, Conrad, tailor , nenortheast corcorner Jackson and Miller
Freund, Gustavus, saddler , 49 ssouth Third
Freund, Joseph, blacksmith , 145 ssouth Second
Friar, John, drayman , 19 nnorth Ninth
Friburg, Frederick, laborer , boards at 65 Plum