Green's St. Louis directory :
Jackson, Mallet C., (J. & M.) corcorner Fourteenth and Randolph
Jackson, Richard, trader , eseast side Main, nnorth of O’Fallon
Jackson, Samuel, clothier , 32 nnorth Water
Jackson, Thomas, (J. & Still well) 42 ssouth Main
Jackson, Thomas, “Crescent,” 295 Broadway
Jackson, William E., city guard , 164 Morgan
Jacob, Henry, laborer , ss Hickory, wwest of Fifth
Jacob, John, cabinet maker , wswest side Main, nnorth of Howard
JacobsAbraham, Jr., clothiers , 17 nnorth Main
JacobsAbraham, Jr., clothiers , 17 nnorth Main
Jacobs, James M., watchmaker and jeweller , 95 nnorth Fourth
Jaeger, Walther, laborer , 117 Green
Jaglinn, Gaspard, wood huxter , eseast side Eleventh, nnorth of Biddle
James, Charles P., 37 nnorth Ninth
James, Elizabeth, widow, ss Ashley, eeast of Main
James, John, engineer , 113 Wash
James, Martha, dress maker , 93 nnorth Fourth
James, William C., clerk at 26 nnorth Main
Jameson, Alexander, merchant , dwelling 192 nnorth Fourth
Jameson, Albert G., (A. L. &, A. G. J.) grocers, 95 and 97 Market
Jameson, James L., (A. L. & A. G. J.) grocers, 95 and 97 Market
Jameson, John M., jailor , 7 nnorth Sixth
Jameson, Joseph A., merchant , 139 nnorth Third
Jamison, David S., 166 Market
Jamison, Robert, eseast side Fourteenth, ssouth of Market
Jamison, William C., atto , office north wing Court House, ups
Janney, Edward, wood merch , wswest side Main, nnorth of Madison
Janney, Nathaniel E., (N. E. J. & Co.Company ) 204 Locust
Janney N. E. & Co.Company , queensware, &c., merchs, 82 nnorth Main
Janssen, Dude H., rectifier and distiller , 236 Franklin-av., ups
Jantrop, John, laborer , 29 Spruce
January, Charles C., (J. & M.) 69 nnorth Water
January, Derick A., (J. & M.) 69 nnorth Water
January & Machir , wh gro and com merchscommission merchants , 69 nnorth Water
Jarboe, Charles, riverman , 219 nnorth Twelfth
Jardel, Madame Eleanor, (J. & B.) 250 Broadway
Jardel & Brice , merchants, 250 Broadway
Jarrett, Elizabeth, widow, eseast side Broadway, nnorth of Chambers
Jarvis, Lewis, painter , 188 ssouth Third
Jarvis, W. H., dental surgeon , 120 Market, up stairs
Jaspar, Leonard, bricklayer , nsnorthside Labeaume, wwest of Ninth
Jebot, Joseph, laborer , 172 ssouth Third
Jeffers, Aaron, laborer , 212 nnorth Ninth, up stairs
Jeffery, Jacob, “St. Louis Farmers’ Mill,” dw 349 ssouth Fifth
Jeffries, Joshua P., “Glasgow House,” nenortheast corcorner 2d and Olive
Jeffry, James, (J. & M.) 140 Walnut
Jeffry & Martin , wh gro &com merch’scommission merchants , 10 nnorth Water