Green's St. Louis directory :
Steamboat Book-Keeping.

Special attention given to those wishing instruction in Steamboat
Book-keeping, and just as practical a knowledge guaranteed
as can be obtained on any boat

Complicated entries adjusted, and counsel given in the
opening and closing of Books, either at the room, or place of

The undersigned, pupils of Jonathan Jones, take great
pleasure in stating that many of us had attended other Schools,
previous to entering this Institute, without receiving any practical
knowledge of the science of Double-entry Book-keeping.
But after attending a full course, we found Mr. Jones’ mode of
instruction to differ in this important particular, viz: Each pupil
is conducted through the operations of the Counting-house,
by journalizing posting, and balancing from 20 to 30 sets of
Books, adapted to the precise forms used by us in actual business
—and we do most unequivocally declare it as our opinion,
from what we have seen, that any young gentleman of ordinary
business habits, can acquire just as thorough a knowledge of the
accountant’s duties under Mr. Jones’ instruction in four or six
weeks, as it is possible for him to obtain in the most extensive
business house in the same number of years. For further particulars,
enquire of us in person.

Jos.Foster, , Sup. of the Water Works ,
Jno. H.Simpson, , book-keeper for A. Hood, 120 nnorth Main,
Chas. L.Palmer, , " J. & W. Sigerson’s , Broad’y,
C. G.Hoyt, , " M’Curdy, Garrison & Co.Company ,
John K.Field, , " I. W. Brownell, 29 Water st.

And four hundred more.