Green's St. Louis directory :

G. B.Michael, ,
(Late Griffith & Brother,)
Importer and Manufacturer of
Paper Hangings, Borders, Views,
Tester Pieces, Ornaments for Public
Rooms, Statuary,
Chimney Screens, &C.,
63 Market Strert, (Opposite Concert Hall,
St. Louis, Mo.

☞ Kept constantly on hand an extensive and splendid assortment of every
description of French and American Paper Hangings, Borders, Views,
Chimney Screens, &c. &c., which for Cheapness, Quality and Variety,
cannot be surpassed by any other establishment in the United States.

New Patterns, from the most celebrated Manufacturers of Philadelphia, Balti-
more, New York, together with the most approved and original styles of my
own manufacture, received regularly as soon as produced. Colors warranted

French paper hangings, borders, chimney screens, views,
&c., imported direct from Paris.

Orders from Dealers, Merchants and others, executed with promptness, ac-
curacy and despatch.