Green's St. Louis directory :

E.Deroin, ,
Wholesale and Retail
Druggist and Apothecary,
General Depot for Dr. Le Roy’s Medicines,
No. 48 Main Street, St. Louis, Mo.

☞ A complete and fresh supply of Drugs, Medicines, Paints,
Oils, Dye-stuffs, Perfumery, Spts. Turpentine, Window Glass,
Putty, &c. Agent for Le Roy’s and Ludlum’s Specific, Mrs.
Gardner’s Cough Drops and Diarrhœa Cordial, Thompson’s
Chlorine Tooth Wash, Beatson’s Tetter and Ringworm Oint-
ment, Stephen’s Anti-Dyspeptic Bitters, Even’s Pile Ointment,
James’ Strengthning Plaster, & Dr. Braggs’ Fever & Ague Pills.