Green's St. Louis directory :

Wolff & Hoppe ,
Direct Importers of
English, French, and German
Fancy Goods,
No. 27 Market Street, & 179 Main Street,
St. Louis, Mo.

Keep constantly for sale a large assortment of Fancy Ar-
ticles—Beads, Looking Glasses, Combs, Brushes, Musical
Instruments, Pocket Books, Baskets, Quills, Pencils, Fancy
Boxes, Perfumery, Snuff Boxes, Dutch Pipes, Scissors, Spec-
tacles, Pistols, Violin Strings, German Silver Goods, and a
great variety of Toys, Dolls, &c. Also, Cotton Hosiery, Thread
Laces, Tapes, Turkey Red and Knitting Cotton.