Green's St. Louis directory :

GeorgeKingsland, ,
No. 138 North Main Street,
Saint Louis, Missouri,
(Opposite the Bank of Missouri),
Agent for the
Phœnix Foundry, And dealer in St. Louis and Pittsburgh manufactured articles, including, in part,
PhŒnix Fire Proof Safes,
Green’s Patent Cooking Stoves,
Improved Premium do. do.,
Coal, Parlor, Franklin and Box Stoves; Grates and Castings
of every description; Corn Shellers; Tobacco Screws; Bark
and Coffee Mills; Wagon Boxes; Spades; Shovels, and a great
variety of Cast and Wrought Iron Articles, too numerous to
particularize, always on hand and for sale.

☞Orders for Castings received, and promptly executed.☜