Green's St. Louis directory :

Frederick, W.Plant.

SamuelPlant, Jr.

Wm.William M.Plant, .

Saint Louis
Agricultural Warehouse
Seed Store

[missing figure]

Plant & Brothers ,
No. 193 North Fourth Street,
Manufacturers of and Dealers in
Agricultural & Horticultural Implements & Machines
Keep constantly for sale a supply of those justly celebrated
Patent Premium Eagle Plows,
Manufactured by Ruggles, Nourse & Mason, of Worcester and Boston, Mass.

Also, Subsoil, Road, and Double Mould Plows;
Expanding Cultivators, Harrows, Churns, Revolving Hay Rakes, Grain Cradles,
Seed Sowers, Corn Planters, Corn Shellers, Hoes, Spades, Transplanting Trowels,
Straw Cutters, Ladies’ Weeding Trowels, Grass Shears, Border Shears, Garden
Reels & Lines, Picks and Mattocks, Tree & Floor Scrapers, Sugar Mills, Hay and
Manure Forks, Winnowing Mills, Garden Rakes, Hay Knives, Axes and Hatch-
ets, Patent Axe Handles, Sickles, Scythes, Scythe Snaths, Scythe Rifles, Ox
Balls, Bush and Bill Hooks, Dirt Scrapers, Bull Rings, Hand Rakes, Anti-friction
Rollers, Grindstone Cranks, Chains, Iron Bars, &c., &c., &c.

Field, Grass, Garden, Flower & Herb Seeds, wholesale & retail.

Agents for Eastern and Western Nurseries.

Garden Seeds.

We keep constantly on hand a full and complete assortment of Garden
Seeds, raised expressly for us, by William G. Comstock, Wethersfield, Conn.,
whose Seeds now stand as high as any other seed growers East. The past sea-
son was the first of his seeds being sold here, and they gave the very best satis-
faction. For sale, wholesale and retail.