Green's St. Louis directory :

Michael, Reilly

Takes this method of informing his friends, and the public in
general, that he has recommenced the
Tailoring Business

At No. 21 Vine Stret,

Where he will make up work to suit the times. He will make Dress and Frock
Coats, from $15 to $30. His stock comprises the following articles: French and
English Cloths, French Black, Wool Dyed, Blue, Green, Invis. Green, Brown,
Olive, Olive Green, Olive Brown, French Black Cassimeres, English Black
Cassimeres, Wool Dyed Cassimeres, Fancy of the latest styles, Vestings, Black
Satin, figured Black Satin, figured Black Silk, Fancy Velvet, Woolen Velvet,
Marino & Fancy Vestings. Garments made and trimmed at the following prices:

Dress Coats, $8 00

Pants, 2 00

Frock Coats, $10 00

Vests, 2 00