Green's St. Louis directory :

James, O’connor.

Miles, P. O’connor.

(No. 75.)

[missing figure]
(No. 75.)
Boot and Shoe

J. & M. P. O’connor ,
Premium Boot & Shoe
75 Chesnut Street,
St. Louis, Mo.

Keep constantly on hand, or will manufacture
to order, at short notice,
Superior French Morocco
Calf Boots & Shoes,
At the very lowest prices.

J. & M. P. O’C . would respectfully inform
the Gentlemen of St. Louis, that they work
nothing but
Kein’s best Philadelphia Calf;
And therefore can warrant their Boots to be equal to any
Eight Dollar Boots
Manufactured in this city.

A continuation of the favors of our old friends is solicited.