Green's St. Louis directory :
Justices Offices and Law Days.
Butler, Mann, for Third Ward, 21 Pine, law day 21st November, January, &c., alternately.
Carr, Archibald, Sixth Ward, 2 Collins, law days 15th December, &c.
Colvin, John W., Fourth Ward, 29 Vine, fourth Monday
in November, &c.
Cruess, Peter, First Ward, No. 1 Carondelet-avenue, 30th November, &c.
Hyde, George A. Fourth Ward, 45 Washington-avenue,
November 12th, &c.
Johnstone, P. W., Third Ward, 19 Pine, 21st Nov., &c.
Kretschmar, Frederick, Second Ward, corcorner Second
and Walnut, last Saturday in November.
McDonald, Philip, Sixth Ward, 4 Collins, 29th Novem- ber&c
Paulding, John W., Second Ward, corcorner Second and Elm, last Monday
in November, &c.
Taylor, Moses, First Ward, 206 ssouth Second, Jan. 4th, &c.
Thomas, Isaac B., Fifth Ward, 66 Cherry, third Monday
in November, &c.
Winright, John, Fifth Ward, 79 Morgan, February 7th,
Wetmore, Diogenes,. Township, Camp Springs, 25th December, &c.