The St. Louis directory for 1848 /
Aam, Adam, cooper , res Wash, between 11th and 12th
Aaronson, Joseph, baker , resresidence 21 nnorth Third
Aannsorgh, Samuel, resresidence 291 Fourteenth
Abbot, John C., wh boot and shoe merchant , 135 nnorth First
Abbott, C. J., Principal of Mississippi Valley Female Semi-
nary, Broadway, nnorth of Biddle
Abbott M. A. & L. S. , Misses, Female Institute, corcorner of Fourth
and Washington avenue
Abeles, Simon. clothing merchant , 70 nnorth First
Abeles, Taussig & Kohn , dry goods and grocers, 264 Market
Abeles & Taussig , merchants and grocers, 98 Carondelet avavenue
Abeles, Adolph, (A. & T.) resresidence 98 Carondelet avenue
Abeles, Nathan, merchant , resresidence 116 Carondelet avenue
Aberle, Karl, butcher , corcorner of Jackson and Hickory
Abernathy & Garnett , architects and builders, St. Charles,
between Eighth and Ninth
Abernathy, Alexander, (A. & G.) resresidence Olive betbetween 14th and 15th
Abrahams & Co.Company , clothing store, 189 and 191 nnorth First
Abrahams, E., (A. & Co.) resresidence Virginia Hotel
Abrahams, M., (A. & Co.) resresidence Virginia Hotel
Abrams, Alexander, resresidence 176 nnorth Sixth
Abrams, Jacob, carpenter , corcorner of Ninth and Hempstead
Abrams, William, painter , 173 nnorth Third
Abramson, Charles, chemical oil and gas , 60 nnorth Second, resresidence 254
Washington avenue
Achenbach, Herman, variety store , 66 Market,
Ackart, William, cooper , 215 nnorth Thirteenth
Ackelman, Henry, carpenter , resresidence Mound near Broadway
Ackerman, E. P., (G. & A.) resresidence 38 Tenth
Acks, Adam, merchant , corcorner of First and Mullanphy
Adams, Abram, carpenter , resresidence alley, on Carrbetbetween 6th and 7th
Adams, Bartlett, cabinet maker , 351 Morgan
Adams, Clarke, merchant , 7 Elm
Adams, David, laborer , resresidence 307ssouth Second
Adams, E. E., furniture store , 81 nnorth Second
Adams, James, clerk , 2 nnorth First
Adams, Jacob, tailor , 233 nnorth Eleventh