The St. Louis directory for 1848 /
Barker, Pierre A., [S. & B.] resresidence 58 nnorth Second
Barker, B. B., commission merchant , resresidence 297 Broadway
Barkins, James, drayman , Centre betbetween Market and Clark avavenue
Barklie, Robert, carpenter , Washbetbetween Sixth and Seventh
Barksdale, William H., [C., McC. & B.] resresidence 8th nnorth of Olive
Barlow, Nelson, miller , (P., B. & Co.) resresidence Olive betbetween 9th and 10th
Barlow, John, machinest , resresidence Olive betbetween Ninth and Tenth
Barlow, Stephen D., county recorder , Court House, resresidence 14th betbetween
Clark avavenue and Market
Barlow, Joseph C., wholesale grocer and com.commission merchant , 19
Front, resresidence 34ssouth Fifth
Barlow, Aaron, resresidence 146 nnorth Sixth
Barnard J. H. & Bros. , wholesale druggists, 140 nnorth First
Barnard, Charles, [B. & Bros.] resresidence 272 Morgan
Barnard, John H., [B. & Bros.] resresidence 251 Morgan
Barnard, George, steamboat captain , resresidence 266 Morgan
Barnard, James, steamboat captain , 264 Morgan
Barnard, William D. W., clerk , 140 nnorth First
Barnard & Stratton , book store, 81 nnorth First
Barnard, Harvey G., [B. & S.] resresidence 81 nnorth First
Barnard, Joseph, carpenter , resresidence 315 Morgan
Barnard, Henry, book keeper , resresidence 96 Myrtle
Barnes, Robert A., grocer and com.commission merchant , 78 nnorth Front
Barnes, David P., mate , resresidence Collins near O’Fallon
Barnes, John, M. D. , office 146 nnorth Fourth
Barnes, Henry, clerk , resresidence Benton near Broadway
Barnes, Jacob N., mate , 7th betbetween Franklin avavenue and Morgan
Barnes, William, clerk , boards at 274 Franklin avavenue
Barnes, Harmon, laborer , resresidence Rosette betbetween Soulard and Barry
Barnes, William, ship carpenter , resresidence 192ssouth Second
Barnes, Joseph W., mate , resresidence 154 nnorth Eleventh
Barnett, Matthew, carpenter , Eighth near Florida
Barnett, George J., [P. & B.] resresidence 21 Chesnut
Barnett, Robert, clerk , 144 nnorth First
Barnett, Henry, resresidence alley, betbetween Collins and Broadway
Barnett & Luce , fruit store , 228 Broadway
Barnett, Hiram, [B. & L.] resresidence 228 Broadway
Barney, George C., [Rogers & B] resresidence 114 nnorth Seventh
Barnhart, John, steamboat mate , resresidence 95 Franklin avavenue
Bamhurst & Bros. , variety store , 134 nnorth Third
Barnhurst, John[B & Bros] resresidence 82 Market
Barnhurst, Samuel, variety store , 136 nnorth Third
Barnum, Theron, City Hotel, corcorner of Third and Vine
Barnum, N S., tinner resresidence Delta House
Barr, Ahood, teacher 171 Carondelet avavenue
Barr, John, clerk , 92 Elm
Barret R T & J R. , attorneys, 54 Pine