The St. Louis directory for 1848 /
Horn, Charles L., Republic Saloon , 85 Chesnut
Horn, Frederick C, Republic Saloon , 85 Chesnut
Horn, Charles W., cooper , Ninth near Spring
Horning, J. H., family grocer , corcorner Thirteenth and Morgan
Horrell, ThomasRev.Reverend , corcorner Thirteenth and Poplar
Horry, Frank, cabinet maker , 100ssouth Second
Horst, John H., tailor , Ninth near Gratiot
Hortiz, John B., music master , 195ssouth Second
Hortiz, Antoine, carpenter , 251ssouth Third
Hortiz, Joseph P., writing academy , 101 Chesnut
Hosch, Antoine, fireman , Cedar near Second
Hosemieur, John H., tobacconist , 212 Franklin avavenue
Hosenbrank, John, laborer , Fifteenth near Fianklin avavenue
Hosemier, Henry, laborer , 213 nnorth Thirteenth
Hospes, Caroline, daguerrean artist , 57 Market
Hotel for Invalids , corcorner Second and Walnut
Hough, Daniel, Sec’y Marine Ins. Co. , corcorner Seventh and Olive
Hough, Samuel E., carpenter , 163 Wash
Hough, William M., wire worker , 66 nnorth Second
Hough, George, locksmith , 14 Green, res w of the Mound
House, Napoleon, 79ssouth Second
House, John D., cigar maker , corcorner Third and Olive
House, P., coffee house , 212ssouth Second
Houseman, John, laborer , South Market Tavern
Houseman, Antoine C, porter , corcorner Ninth and Chesnut
Houseman & Lowry , merchants, corcorner Second and Washington avavenue
Houser, Elias, Washington avavenue near Sixteenth
Housschutte, Henry, grocer , corcorner Seventh and Biddle
Houston, J. F., clerk , 154 nnorth First
Houston, John, pilot , corcorner Olive and Sixth
Houston, Joshua, carpenter , north side Pine near Fifteenth
Houston, William, carpenter , north side Pine near Fifteenth
Houston, Andrew, engineer , 231 Franklin avavenue
Houthmarcher, Mitchell, shoemaker , 207 Carondelet avavenue
Hovaker, Peter C., druggist , 5 nnorth First
Hover, George, laborer , Marion near Jackson
Hovey, Justus, feed store , 260 Broadway
Hovis, Peter, resresidence west of the Mound
How, Claflin & Cook , wh leather dealers, 142 nnorth First
How, John, [H., C. & C] Eighth betbetween Pine and Chesnut
Howard & Co.Company , druggists, 204 Franklin avavenue
Howard, James, [H. & Co.] 204 Franklin avavenue
Howard, Thomas, laborer , Wash near Fourteenth.
Howard, Samuel B., 138 Green
Howard, James T., corcorner Myrtle and Sixth
Howard, Louis, coffee house , 245ssouth Second
Howard, Catherine, widow, boarding house , 70 nnorth Fourth