The St. Louis directory for 1848 /
Jaccard fy Co.Company , importers of watches and jewelry, 36 nnorth First
Jaccard, Louis, (J. & Co.) 102 corcorner Fourth and Myrtle
Jaccard, Eugene, (J. & Co.) corcorner Beckwith and Gratiot
Jacks, Samuel, clothing store , 10 nnorth First
Jackson, Linus, pump and block maker , corcorner First and Biddle,
Collins opposite Reservoir
Jackson, Andrew, tailor , Webster near Chambers
Jackson, Ebenezer, Collins near Columbia
Jackson, Dennis, riverman , 255 nnorth Seventh
Jackson, George, riverman , 112 Green
Jackson, Thomas, (J. & S.) east side Tenth betbetween Wash and Carr
Jackson & Co.Company , distillers, s of Pond, eeast of Fourteenth
Jackson, Mallet C., (J. & Co.) corcorner Fourteenth and Randolph
Jackson, Thomas, Crescent Coffee House , 295 Broadway
Jackson, Samuel, drayman , 203 nnorth Second
Jackson & Stillwell , chemical oil and gas manf., 42ssouth First
Jackson, William, Seventh betbetween Elm and Myrtle
Jackson, Jonathan, pilot , Seventh betbetween Morgan and Franklin avavenue
Jackson, William T., carpenter , 122 Elm, resresidence 21ssouth Eighth
Jacquis, Johncooper , corcorner DeKalb and Victory
Jacob, Harrison L., chair maker , corcorner Collins and O’Fallon
Jacob, John, carpenter , First near Howard
Jacobi, John C., 162ssouth Third
Jacobi, G., beer house , 216ssouth Second
Jacobs, Morris, (L. & J.) 83 Franklin avavenue
Jacobs, Anton, tinner , 255ssouth Market
Jacobs, Henry, laborer , Sixthssouth of Hickory
Jacobs, John M., jeweller , Tenth oppopposite Walnut
Jacobs & Degge , boot and shoe store, 113 nnorth First
Jacobs, George, (J. & D.) 113 nnorth First
Jacobs, Abraham, clothing store , 17 nnorth First
Jacobson, F. M., M. D. , 90 Chesnut
Jacoby Charles & Frederick , St. Louis House, 33 Market
Jacoby, Ambrose D., clerk at Post Office
James, William C., clerk , 26 nnorth First
James, John, finisher , 301 Broadway, resresidence 113 Wash
James, Edward, merchant , St. Charles betbetween Fourth and Fifth
James, Henry, boatman , Spruce betbetween Thirteenth and Fourteenth
James, Charles P., 94ssouth Sixth
Jameson, Joseph A., clerk , 151 nnorth First
JamesonA. R., jr., clerk 151 nnorth First
Jamison, William C., attorney , 79 Market
Jamison, David S., gen’l agent , 15 Front, resresidence 98ssouth Sixth
Jamison J. L. & A. G. , variety store, 95 and 97 Market
Jamison, James L., (J. L. & A. G. J.) 95 amd 97 Market
Jamison, Albert G., (J. L. & A. G. J.) 95 and 97 Market
Janney N. E. & Co. , queensware merchants, 23 nnorth First