The St. Louis directory for 1848 /
King, John, carpenter , 218 nnorth Eighth, up stairs
King, Richard, (N. & K.) corcorner Seventh and Franklin avavenue
King, Christopher, tailor , 213 nnorth Thirteenth
King, John, sawyer , betbetween Fifth and Seventh near Park avavenue
King, Benjamin, Morgan betbetween Sixteenth and Seventeenth
King, Morris, drayman , corcorner Orange and Fifteenth
King, Mary A., milliner , 126 Washington avavenue
King, John, bar keeper , 166 Olive
King, John, mate , 18ssouth Fourth
King, John, engineer , 49 nnorth Seventh
King, Wyllys(D., K. & Co.) 116 Walnut
King, George C., teamster , Washbetbetween Fourteenth and Fifteenth
King, George C., bar keeper , 99 nnorth Front
King, Joseph, barber , 24 Morgan, resresidence Cherry near Second
King, Thomas J., bar keeper , 180ssouth Fourth
King, Valentine, tailor , 81ssouth Seventh
King & Fisher , commission merchants, 40 Front
King, Henry S., [K. & F.] Locust betbetween Sixth and Seventh
King & Co.Company , clothiers, 62 nnorth First
King, Frederick, [K. & Co.] corcorner Fourth and Washington avavenue
King, Joseph, cupper and tooth extractor , 24 Morgan
King, Henry, laborer , Columbus betbetween Marion and Carroll
King, Bennett, laborer , alley betbetween Barry and Miller
Kingsbury, James W., 18ssouth Sixth
Kingsland, LeRoy, boards at Virginia Hotel
Kingsland & Lightner , Broadway Foundry, 301 Broadway
Kingsland, Philip, [K. & L.] Collins near Biddle
Kingsland, George, Phœnix Foundry , 202 nnorth First, resresidence Collins
near O’Fallon
Kinkead, J. H., clerk , 151 nnorth First
Kinkaid, Robert, drayman , 102 Green
Kinkgad, C. A., clerk , 154 nnorth Third, resresidence 162 nnorth Third
Kinney, Henry, carpenter , corcorner Jackson and Emmet
Kinnikin, George, 121 nnorth Eighth
Kinsell, William, carpenter , Ninth near O’Fallon
Kinsell, James, carpenter , Ninth near O’Fallon
Kinsley, Moses, harness maker , 67 nnorth Fourth
Kintzing, Charles S., clerk , Elm betbetween Fourth and Fifth
Kinzell, Philip, blacksmith , 118 Carondelet avavenue
Kipford, Jacob, cooper , 220 nnorth Eighth
Kipp, William, wood dealer , Ninth near O’Fallon
Kipp, William, blacksmith , corcorner Columbia and Broadway
Kirchoff, Hermann, farrier , 124ssouth First
Kirchoff, Casper, carpenter , Thirteenth near Mullanphy
Kirchstein, Henry, tanner , South Market Tavern
Kirk, William Y., laborer , Chambers near Broadway
Kirk, M. C., carriage maker , at the Arsenal