The St. Louis directory for 1848 /
Lant, Joseph, (L. & L.) Cherry near Broadway
Lantmann, Jacob, beer house , Franklin avavenue wwest of Eleventh
Laoux, Jacob, butcher , s Second nnorth of Wood
Lapierre, Zephalon, (B. & L.) Alexander House
Larkær, Matthew, drayman , Buel betbetween Carrol and Marion
Larkin, Thomas H., commission and forwarding merchant , 53
Front, resresidence 16 nnorth Fifth
Latham & Collier , druggists, corcorner Sixth and Morgan
Latham, William H., (L. & C.) corcorner Sixth and Morgan
Lathrop, H. T., s b clerk , 167 nnorth Twelfth
Latour, Pierre, carpenter , 137ssouth Third
Latourett, Henry, ship carpenter , Chambers near Tenth
Latz, Louis, clothier , 217 Broadway
Laughlin, Oliver D., clerk 112 nnorth First, resresidence 165 Green
Laughlin, Andrew, 13 Orange
Laufkotter, Augustus, 225 nnorth Eighth
Laughton, John, M. D. , 121 Pine
Laumann, Charles, tinner , 147 nnorth Third
Laumann & Merton , livery stable, Franklin avavenue wwest of Fourteenth
Laumann, Frederick, (L. & M.) Franklin avavenue wwest of Fourteenth
Latomcier, Henry, carpenter , 137 Spruce
Laurant, Mrs. Mary, widow, Green betbetween Eighth and Ninth
Laurie, Thomas, (R. & L.) Monroe House
Lausketten, Clemens, grocery , corcorner Eleventh and Biddle
Lautenschlaiger, Frederick, shoemaker , 279ssouth Second
Laventure, Drayton, pilot , First near Ashley
Laveille, Lavinia, widow, 53ssouth Fifth
Lavis, R., merchant , corcorner Second and Hazel
Lawhead, Benjamin, dry goods , 138 nnorth Third
Lawler, Patrick, watchman , 178 Wash
Lawler, Rudolph C., hardware , 145 nnorth Third
Lawler, William, drayman , Twelfth near Mullanphy
Lawless, James, saddler , 232 Broadway
Lawless, Christopher, laborer , 279 nnorth Eighth
Lawrence, W. B., liquor merchant , Front betbetween Pine and Chesnut,
resresidence 40 Myrtle
Lawrence, Mrs. Charlotte, teacher , Brooklyn near Ninth
Lawson, Thomas, sheet lead manuf. , 66 Green, resresidence 356 Morgan
Lay, John F., Missouri Hotel
Lay, Henry, carpenter , Soulard betbetween Jackson and Carondelet avavenue
Laymen, Henry J., cabinet maker , 214 nnorth Ninth
Lazarus, Moses L., real estate agent , 62 Chesnut
Lea, James, (C. & L.) City Hotel
Leach John & Richard , grocers, 190 and 192 Broadway
Leach, John, (J. & R. L.) Carrbetbetween Sixth and Seventh
Leach, Louis, M. D. , 269 Broadway
Leach, Alexander, clerk at Adams’ , corcorner Fourth and Market