The St. Louis directory for 1848 /
Leackman, Deiterich, Locust betbetween Seventh and Eighth
Leafaro, Philip, shoemaker , 56 Locust
Leaid, James, Fourteenth near Biddle
Leake, E., Virginia Hotel
Leaneman, A., cooper , s Third near Convent
Learned & Strother , attorneys, 44 nnorth Fourth
Learned, Joseph D., (L. & S.) 100 nnorth Fourth
Leary, Albert G., attorney , 41 Chesnut, resresidence 36 Walnut
Learey, John, laborer , 95 Elm
Learey, Edward, teacher , Ham betbetween Hickory and Chouteau avavenue
Leaton, William, blacksmith , 25 Cherry, resresidence Eighth near
Franklin avavenue
LebeauJohn, sr., gunsmith , 153ssouth First
LebeauJohn B., jr., jeweller , 20 Locust, resresidence 111ssouth First
Lebeau, Frederick, Indian trader , 71ssouth Third
Lebeau, P. H., merchant , Market betbetween First and Front, resresidence 77
Leber, Henry, farrier , Market wwest of Sixteenth
Lebrun, Nicholas, grocer , 149ssouth First, resresidence 20 Plum
Leduc, Louis, Seventh betbetween Pine and Chesnut
Leduc, Joseph, dyer , 80 Olive
Lee, James, fireman , Fourth near Hazel
Lee & Martin , butchers and bakers, corcorner Commercial alley and
Washington avavenue
Lee, Thomas, (L. & M.) 321 Morgan
Lee, William, 41 Washington avavenue
Lee, William L., painter , 106 nnorth Second
Lee, Abraham H., clerk , 4 Locust
Lee, Lucius, M. D. , First near Florida
Lee, William, ship carpenter , Tenth near Spring
Lee, Louis, 158 Green
Lee, Lodwell, 174 Green
Lee, Richard B., Major , U. S. A.United States of America , 41 nnorth Sixth
Lee, A. L., bricklayer , near City Hospital
Lee, Elliott, Santa Fe trader , 157ssouth Second
Lee, John, s b captain , Broadway near Wash
Lee, Asahel, carpenter , 180 nnorth Ninth
Lee, Alexander, stone mason , 216 nnorth Eleventh
Leeds, Ellis N., (J. & L.) Fifth near Carr
Leehy, Timothy, weigh master , Myrtle near Front
Le Faivre, Mrs. M., widow, 150 nnorth Eleventh
Leffingwell, Hiram W., deputy U. S.United States marshal , 119 Chesnut
Leffingwell, E. H., M. D., prof. of chemistry , St. Louis University
Legg, Matthew, draper and tailor , 25 Locust
Legg, Joseph N., Fourteenth betbetween Market and Clark avavenue
Lehker, Ludwig, tailor , 187 nnorth Sixth
Lehman, John G., grocer , 323ssouth Second