The St. Louis directory for 1848 /
Lehman, Joshua, [H. & L.] 32 Market
Leicht, John C., potter , rear of 314ssouth Fifth
Leicht, Shaw, cellar digger , alley betbetween Barry and Miller
Leichtenstein & Jacobs , dry goods, 83 Franklin avavenue
Leichtenstein, B. H., [L. & J.] 83 Franklin avavenue
Leifeld, Franklin, tailor , 291 nnorth Eleventh
Leilig & Vogel , bakers, corcorner Tenth and Market
Leilig, John, [L. & V.] corcorner Tenth and Market
Leip, John F., grocery , 65. Market
Leiperte, Henry, tailor , Wood betbetween Short and Jackson
Leir, Wendal, drayman , corcorner Victory and Easton
Leissring, J., carpenter , s Second
Leitch, Addison L., laborer , 11 Spruce
Leiter, Felix C., cooper , 89 Mulberry
Leitsin, Hilore, blacksmith , 58 Cedar
Lemhart, Jacob, blacksmith , 62 Spruce
Lemhart, John, wagon maker , 62 Spruce
Lemmer, Henry, blacksmith , 194 nnorth Eighth
Lemmer, George, cooper , corcorner First and Howard
Lemmon, Robert F., 318 Morgan
Lemon, James, city register , City Hall
Lemont, J. S., saddler , Myrtle near Seventh
Lemp & Co.Company , Western Brewery, 37ssouth Second
Lemp, Adam, (L. & Co.) corcorner Elm and Second
Leneve, E. L., student , 52 Vine
Lenglet, Louis, preserve maker , 23 Front
Lengolf, V., shoemaker , 18 Morgan
Lennamær, Mrs. Mary, widow, 344 nnorth Eighth
Lennon, Mrs. E., millinery , 157 nnorth Third
Lentnir, Samuel, laborer , Hickory betbetween Sixth and Seventh
Lenzinger, H., finisher , Hazel betbetween First and Second
Leonard, William B., brickmaker , Tenth near Warren
Leonard, Zenas, confectionary , corcorner Seventeenth and Morgan
Leonard, Henry R., Morgan betbetween Ninth and Tenth
Leonard, Philip, 140 nnorth Fifth
Leonhard, Peter, shoemaker , 243 nnorth Thirteenth
Leonhardt & Scharicht , carpenters, Lombard betbetween Third and 4th
Leonhardt, Ernst W., (L. & S.) Third betbetween Convent and Rutgers
Leonhardt, John, harness maker , 77 Franklin avavenue
Leopold, Jacob, clerk, engineer’s department , City Hall
Lepere, Francis, grocer , corcorner Seventh and Franklin avavenue
Lepere, Peter, clerk , corcorner Seventh and Franklin avavenue
Leporte, Lawrence, 223ssouth Second
Leppar, Philip, laborer , 16 Myrtle
Leront, Sylvester, butcher , 295ssouth Second
Leslie & Lord , attorneys, 53 Pine
Leslie, Miron, [L. & L.] resresidence Olive near Eighth