The St. Louis directory for 1848 /
Beard, Henry, cigar maker , Market wwest Sixteenth
Beardsell, Luke, ship carpenter , Tenth near Jefferson
Beardsell, Lot, ship carpenter , Tenth near Jefferson.
Beardsler, Charles, [F. & B.] resresidence 7th betbetween Pine and Olive
Beardslee, Reuben, clerk , 160 nnorth First
Beatty, Patrick, clerk , 215 Broadway
Beaty, William, cigar maker , 90½ Front, resresidence corcorner Franklin avavenue
and Fourth
Beaumont & Johnson , M. D., 4ssouth Fourth
Beaumont, William, [B & B]
Beauvais, Reno, jeweller , 107 nnorth First, resresidence 116 nnorth Second
Beauvais, Augustus, jeweller , 20 Locust, resresidence corcorner 1st and Myrtle
Beaver, Frederick, laborer , Centre betbetween Market and Clark
Beaver, Barney, stove maker , “Empire Stove Works”
Becherer, Mathias, merchant , corcorner Marion and Seventh
Bechtold, Christopher, cigar maker , 47 Washington avavenue
Bechtold, Christoper, shoemaker , 87ssouth First
Bechtold, Jacob, shoemaker , 324ssouth Third
Beck, Wallen, watch maker , betbetween Myrtle andssouth First
Beck, Nimrod, pattern maker , resresidence 224 nnorth Seventh
Beck, Martin, cigar maker , resresidence corcorner Myrtle and First
Beck, Valentine, basket maker , 284 Broadway
Becker, John P., baker corcorner Florida and Second
Becker, William G H., clerk , 34 Market
Becker, George M., tailor , 22 Vine, resresidence alley betbetween Locust and Vine
Becker, Henry, brewer , Ninth, nnorth Biddle
Becker, A., cupper and leecher , 108 Morgan
Becker, Frederick S., dry goods merchant , 34 Market
Becker, John, shoemaker , 186ssouth Second
Beckers & Brand , chemical soap manufact’rs, Twelfth nnorth Mul-
Beckers, Caspar F., [B & B.] resresidence nnorth factory
Becket, Margaret, widow, alley on Wash, betbetween Fifth and Sixth
Beckham, Conrad, cooper , corcorner of Twelfth and Wash
Beckler, Adolphus[S & Co] corcorner Wright and Second
Beckman, Henry, wood dealer , Ninth nnorth O’Fallon
Beckwith, Frederick W., resresidence Seventh between Chouteau avavenue and
Beebee, James, tinner , 209 nnorth First
Beebee, Edward H., steamboat captain , corner Third and Myrtle
Beebee, Watts J., resresidence Walnut betbetween Fifth and Sixth
Beehler, Francis, upholsterer 117 nnorth Second, resresidence 214 nnorth Fifth
Beehler, Benedict, upholsterer , 117 nnorth Second
Beeman, Henry, boatman , corcorner Third and Elm
Beer, Henry J., steamboat captain , 23 nnorth Seventh
Beger, August, barber , Main nnorth of Smith
Beggs, William, teamster , 200 Biddle