The St. Louis directory for 1848 /
Littleton, William, s b captain , corcorner Tenth and Olive
Liverman, Benjamin, clothier , 40 Front, resresidence 63 Market
Livermore & Cooley, wholesale dealers and commission mer-
chants, 27 Commercial
Livermore, E., (L. & Co.)Virginia Hotel
Livingstone, Violetta, milliner , 40 Market
Livingstone, James M., clerk , 148 nnorth First
Livingston, F. G., [L. & B.]55 Olive
Livingston & Barker, fruit and confectionery, 58 nnorth Second
Livingston, Richard M., book keeper , 23 nnorth Front
Livingston, George H., book keeper , 147 nnorth First
Lloyd R. & F., wholesale grocers, 3 nnorth Front
Lloyd, Richard, (R. & F. L.)3 nnorth Front
Lloyd, Frederick, (R. & F. L.)3 nnorth Front
Lloyd, Francis, clerk , 3 nnorth Front
Loague, Peter, 47 St. Charles
Loane, Henry, cabinet maker , 87 nnorth Second
Lobbig, Charles, tailor , Ninth near Chambers
Locke, Joshua, 165 Washington avavenue
Lockridge, John, painter , 229 nnorth Thirteenth
Lockwood, Isaac, leather dealer , 20ssouth First
Lockwood, Richard, (H. & C.)St. Charles wwest of Fourth
Lockwood, A. W., carpenter , corcorner Mound aud Eleventh
Lockwood, S., tobacconist , Delta House
Lockwood, Philip M., clerk , 93 nnorth First
Lœbenstein, Christian, wagon maker , near O’Fallon milt
Lœhner, Augustus, (G. & L.)corcorner Third and Lombard
Lœhner, Plainet, Third nnorth of Lombard
Lœhner, Adolph, Third nnorth of Lombard
Lofler, Matthias, shoemaker , corcorner Twelfth and Gay
Logan, Thomas, Christy avavenue betbetween Sixteenth and Seventeenth
Logan, John, 225 Green
Logesdon, James, corcorner Washington avavenue and Ninth
Loghton, John, clerk , 256 nnorth First
Lohman, Lewis, clerk , 14ssouth First
Lohman, Frederick J., barber , 81 and 82 nnorth Front
Lohman & Janssen, rectifiers, 84 nnorth Front
Lohman, Christopher H., [L. & J.]Franklin avavenue wwest of Fourth
Lohman, Charles, bookbinder , 134ssouth Second
Lohmeir, Henry, tailor , 57 nnorth Seventh
Lohreem, John, paver , 342ssouth Fifth
Lohreem, Peter, paver , 306ssouth Third
Lohrman, Christian, teamster , Miller near Jackson
Loker, Renick & Co.Company , bankers, 132 nnorth First
Loker, George K., (L., R. & Co.)Eleventh betbetween Locust and St. Charles
Lolci, John, tinner , 264 Broadway
Lonergan, Kennedy, rectifier , 19 Morgan