The St. Louis directory for 1848 /
Low, William, [W. S. & Co.] Seventh betbetween Olive and Pine
Low, John, ship carpenter , Mullanphy near Second
Low, Russell, wood merchant , corcorner Broadway and Spring
Low, George, painter , corcorner Fourth and Franklin avavenue
Low, ——, teacher public school , corcorner Barton and Gratiot
Low, Sylvester, soda factor , South Market Tavern
Lowe, Giles, riverman , 50ssouth Front
Lownds, George P., bar keeper at Scott’s Hotel
Lowry, John, 274 Morgan
Lowry, Samuel, 228 nnorth Fifth
Lowry, S. H., (H. & L.) Planters’ House
Loxman, John H., laborer , Wash near Eleventh
Loyd, Daniel, 162 Wash
Lubbring, Frederick, (K. & Co.) cor Carr and Twelfth
Lubson, Henry, grocer , 236 Carondelet avavenue
Lucas, Cæsar, cartman , alley on Third and Fifthssouth of Convent
Lucas, James H,, Olive betbetween Ninth and Tenth
Lucas, Samuel, watchman , Myrtle near Second
Luce, Andrew, [B. & L.] 228 Broadway
Luciana, Charles, bar room , 19 nnorth Fourth
Luckly, John, laborer , Short betbetween Jackson and Wood
Ludburg, Henry, miller , 330 nnorth Eighth
Ludehouse, Henry, wagon maker , 47 Carondelet avavenue
Ludebie, John, tailor , 146 nnorth Second
Ludicordt, William, laborer , Fourteenth near Carr
Ludlow, Noah M., (L. & S.) St. Louis Theatre
Ludlow, Kichard C., pattern maker , 254 nnorth Second
Ludlow, Henry, bricklayer , 212 nnorth Eighth
Ludlow & Smith , managers St. Louis Theatre
Ludwig, Valentine, M. D. , 105 Franklin avavenue
Ludwig, Andreas, shoemaker , 161ssouth Second
Ludwig, Paul, laborer , corcorner Buel and Lafayette
Ludwig, William, tailor , Fulton betbetween Julia and Soulard
Lugan, John, laborer , Mound near Tenth
Luke, John, s b captain , 23 nnorth Seventh
Lumachi, O., M. D. , 1ll nnorth Fourth
Lumsden, George, 286 nnorth Sixth
Lundeker, S., dry goods , 54 Franklin avavenue
Lunderkin, Kennedy, 352 Morgan
Luney, Peter J., South Market Mill
Lunsmann, Francis, gunsmith , 105ssouth Second
Luntz, George, shoemaker , 26 Franklin avavenue
Lupton, Wellington, engineer , cor Wash and Seventeenth
Lurtz, Peter, baker , Franklin avavenue wwest of Fourteenth
Lurtz, Joseph, baker , 153 Carondelet avavenue
Lusk, Julien H., s b captain , 170 nnorth Sixth
Luteka, Joseph, blacksmith , Menard betbetween Emmet and Lafayette