The St. Louis directory for 1848 /
Luteka, Peter, blacksmith , Emmet betbetween Buel and Menard
Lutenberger, Mary, widow, Carondelet avavenue
Luth, Henry, brewer , Fulton Brewery
Lutham, Frederick, shoemaker , Centre betbetween Market and Clark avavenue
Luthy, James, carpenter , Centressouth of Market
Luthy, S., M. D. , Broadway near Chambers
Lux, John, shoemaker , 63 Spruce
Lyle, Alexander L., carpenter , 16ssouth Seventh
Lyman, Charles Y., clerk , 99 nnorth First
Lyman, Thomas, 239 Wash
Lyman, Benjamin, laborer , Ashley near Collins
Lynch, John, laborer , 56 nnorth Sixth
Lynch, Dennis, Morgan betbetween Ninth and Tenth
Lynch, Terance, laborer , Washbetbetween Sixth and Seventh
Lynch, David, grocer , corcorner Myrtle and Third
Lynch, Michael, stone mason , Pine wwest of Fifteenth
Lynch, David, teamster , corcorner Fourteenth and Market
Lynch, Frederick James, street inspector , corcorner Carondelet avavenue and
Lynch, William A., undertaker , 132 nnorth Third
Lynch, George N., undertaker , 132 nnorth Third
Lynch, W. L., undertaker , 132 nnorth Third
Lynch, Philip, laborer , Bates near Lewis
Lynch, Thomas, laborer , Ninth betbetween Market and Walnut
Lynch, James, beer house , 72 Cherry
Lynch, Michael, shoemaker , Third nnorth of Spruce
Lynch, Christian, Seventh nnorth of Hickory
Lynch, Henry, Register’s clerk , Columbus near Papin
Lynd, Samuel W.Rev.Reverend , pastor 2d Baptist Church 35 nnorth Ninth
Lynd, Ezra, 233 Green
Lynd, James W., clerk , 81 nnorth Front
Lynn, William, 273ssouth Second
Lyon, Shorb & Co , Sligo iron store, 55 Front
Lyon, Charles, beer house , 182ssouth Second
Lyon, John H., 150 Washington avavenue
McAbee, Singleton William, 142 nnorth Sixth
McAfee, A. B., [B. & McA.] 79 Olive
McAffee, Edward, pilot , 67 St. Charles
McAllister, Walter, wall colorer , 126 Locust
McAllister & Co.Company , boat store, 68 nnorth Front
McAllister, R. C., [McA. & Co.] Virginia Hotel
McAllister & Malcolm , pork packers, corcorner Fourth and Lombard
McAnulty, Bernard, machine bakery , resresidence 174ssouth Fourth
McAnulty, John, machine bakery , resresidence 174ssouth Fourth
McAnulty, Michael, machine bakery , resresidence 174ssouth Fourth
McArdle, Robert, tailor , 57 Market