The St. Louis directory for 1848 /
McCormick & Body , blacksmiths, corcorner Third and Mulberry
McCormick, Matthew, (McC. & B.) corcorner Third and Mulberry
McCormick, ——, hack driver , 259 Broadway
McCormick, Michael, laborer , Myrtle near First
McCormick, Alexander, laborer , Chambers near Broadway
McCortney, John H., machinist , 194 nnorth Second
McCortney, Anne M. Mrs., widow, Broadway near Columbia
McCowen, John D., plasterer , Pine wwest of Thirteenth
McCoy, Robert, machinist , 194 nnorth Second
McCoy, James, tanner , St. George’s tannery
McCoy, James, edge tool factory , 265 nnorth First
McCoy, Laselle, moulder , Tenth near Biddle
McCoy, William, carpenter , Ninth near Wright
McCreery & Essex , variety store, 98 nnorth First
McCreery, Atreus J., (McC. & E.) 98 nnorth First
McCreery, Phocion R., (C., McC. & B.) Locust wwest of Sixth
McCreery, E. R., Locust betbetween Sixth and Seventh
McCue, Robert, engine fitter , Smith near First
McCullen, John, 206 nnorth Sixth
McCulloh, Thomas J., painter , 158ssouth Fourth
McCullough, David T., deputy marshal Criminal Court
McCune, John S., (G., McC. & G.) 59 St. Charles
McCurdy, Alexander, tailor , 202ssouth Third
McCurdy, Alonzo, s b barkeeper , 241 nnorth Fifth
McCurty, David, clerk , 34 nnorth Front
McCutcheon, William H., saddler , corcorner Third and Pine
McCutcheon, John, porter , 115 nnorth Tenth
McDaniel, John, Christy avavenue wwest of Sixteenth
McDaniel, Patrick, laborer , 229 nnorth Eighth
McDaniel, Charles, rear corcorner Orange and Fifteenth
McDermot, Francis, sup’t. for City Engineer , Washbetbetween Sixth
and Seventh
McDermot, Michael, stone cutter , Washbetbetween Sixth and Seventh
McDermot, John F., printer , 16 Chesnut
McDermud, Hugh, 71 Vine
McDonald, John W., 123 Olive
McDonald, James, ship carpenter , Mullanphy near Second
McDonald, William, carpenter , O’Fallon near Broadway
McDonald, J. W., Virginia Hotel
McDonald, James, clerk , 206 nnorth First
McDonald, Christian, 46 St. Charles
McDonald, John, boarding house , 94 Walnut
McDonald, Philip, Cherry betbetween Second and Third
McDonald, Samuel, 364 Morgan
McDonald, William, tailor , 98½ nnorth Third
McDonald, Thomas, Green betbetween Eighth and Ninth
McDonough, James, Olive betbetween Fifteenth and Sixteenth